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How to get your affairs in order

Dear Savvy Senior,I would like to get my personal, legal and financial information organized so my kids will know what’s going on when I’m...

Spice Up Your Life: New recipe experiment keeps Georgia on my mind

By Lindsey Young, Harvey County Now During its 2020 election coverage, ABC News accidentally used images of voters from the country of Georgia, misidentifying them...

Spice Up Your Life: Soup recipe lets me tell counter leftovers ‘see you tater’

By Lindsey Young, Harvey County Now They’ve just been staring at me.Four potatoes have been sitting on my kitchen counter since Thanksgiving, and as the...

Deciphering senior housing options

By Jim Miller, columnist Dear Savvy Senior,Can you decipher the different types of housing options available to seniors, and recommend some good resources for locating...

Tips for staying motivated to exercise during winter months 

MANHATTAN – Warmer temperatures across much of Kansas have paved the way for many to take in a brisk walk, run, bike ride or...

Progressive Ag, MKC co-ops looking to merge

Staff reportTSnews Two cooperatives with local facilities are considering a merger.The board of directors for Progressive Ag Cooperative and for MKC (Mid Kansas Cooperative) have...

How older drivers can save on auto insurance

Dear Savvy Senior,Can you provide any tips to help seniors reduce their auto insurance premiums? I just got hit with a 15 percent increase...

Spice Up Your Life: Pantry clean out calls for finally using my noodle

By Lindsey Young, Harvey County Now After weeks of opening my pantry and sighing deeply at the mess and disorganization, I finally pulled every last...

Pill splitting: when it’s safe, and when it isn’t

By Jim Miller, columnist Dear Savvy Senior, When is it safe, or not safe, to split pills? I have a cousin who cuts almost all her...

Spice Up Your Life: Air fryer rangoon can keep you from ‘wonton’ eating

By Lindsey Young, Harvey County Now An article on the website “Atlas Obscura” called “What the Heck Is Crab Rangoon Anyway?” lays out the history...
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