Times-Sentinel Newspapers, LLC, publishes five newspapers and a variety of special sections.

Our weekly newspapers include:
The Times-Sentinel (serving Cheney, Clearwater, Garden Plain and Goddard)
Conway Springs Star & Argonia Argosy
Haysville Sun-Times

Our monthly newspapers include:
East Wichita News | WestSide Story

Our business office is located at 125 N. Main, Cheney
Mailing address: P.O. Box 544 | Cheney, KS 67025
Office 316-540-0500 | Fax 316-540-3283

Paul Rhodes, Publisher & Owner | Email Paul
Valorie Castor, Sales | Email Valorie
Briana Bade, Sales | Email Briana
Abbygail Brown, Graphic Artist | Email Abbygail

Billing/Classifieds/Obituaries and Announcements/Circulation:

Travis Mounts, Managing Editor & Co-Owner | Email Travis
Sam Jack, Reporter | Email Sam