Random Thoughts: Hey, I need a spring break, too


By Travis Mounts, managing editor

To everyone out on spring break right now, I have something I really need to say to you:


Yep, a big ol’ raspberry, with extra slobber.

It’s not that I have any issue with you, outside of pure jealously that is aggravated by anything you say, do or post that reminds me that I’m not on spring break.

I have to admit that I’m taking off on Friday, but I’m not really getting away from work. I have a haircut scheduled, and I’ll probably come home and either work on sports preview stories or my taxes. In fact, that kind of describes the bulk of my three-day weekend.

I do get a break from talking to sports coaches. Now, that’s not a knock against my coaches. They’re great, actually. But since school started, most of my Sunday and/or Monday nights have been occupied with coaches calls, emails, stats gathering, and writing. 

We don’t really get a break between seasons, because we have to start working on schedules, team photos, stories and more for the upcoming sports season while the last one is still wrapping up. 

It’s especially tough in March, when virtually everybody goes to substate, and the State tournaments are a week later. And then less that 10 days after that, the first baseball, softball and soccer games get underway.

In the fall, it is more of a slow roll into winter sports. Everything but playoff football is done by Halloween weekend.

I was lamenting this scenario with Robin Wunderlich, a friend and fellow newspaper junkie who publishes the Eureka Herald. We were able to visit at little bit in Hutchinson last week as the Cheney Cardinals and Eureka Tornadoes played in the first round of State basketball.

Community journalism is something of a 24/7/365 lifestyle.

While I work far too much, I will say it’s better than pouring concrete. At least for me, anyway. I spent a couple of summers slinging mud, and that’s far too much physical labor. The last summer I did it was in the heat and humidity of Texarkana, on the Arkansas side.

We think it gets humid here, but we have nothing on the deep south.

It’s been a long winter of hard work, and spring weather has teased us with what is to come. But so far, the spring weather we’ve seen is just an appetizer. It’s been nothing to truly satisfy us yet.

Ignore me. I see the folks heading to the mountains or to the Gulf Coast, and I’m just upset that its not me. 

I’ll get my turn soon. Maybe as early as next month, I’ll get off to the West Coast to see some family. Or at the very least, I’ll scurry away for a few days to an undisclosed location that’s just far enough away that people will feel guilty for reaching out to me for anything.

The rest of you, enjoy your spring break trips. I truly mean that.