Vinita 4-H Club closes out 2022

Members of the Vinita 4-H Club sell baked goods at Come Home for Christmas in Cheney back in December.

CHENEY – Come Home for Christmas was another fun and successful event last year – not only for the community, but also for the Vinita 4-H Club. We had our annual soup and cinnamon roll fundraiser at the Cutting Edge Salon in Cheney. Our total profit was more than $450. Also, a family in our club set up The Sunflower Photo Booth in the Farm Bureau building. We made $77 on that, which was enough to cover the cost of the items for the Golden Age Home. We donated $75 worth of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion to the residents. We’d like to thank the community for supporting our fundraisers, which we use to invest back into the community.
Our 4-H club decided to support the Cheney Methodist Church’s “Pave the Way” campaign by purchasing a $150 brick in our club’s honor. Our brick will say: Vinita 4-H Club – “To Make the Best Better.” Hopefully, the generations to come will continue our traditions and remember that the church was our monthly meeting spot. The Vinita 4-H club also purchased a $50 raffle ticket for the new upcoming public pool being put in.
On Jan. 8, there was a project fair held at our last 4-H meeting. Club members brought previous projects that had already been taken to the fair over the years. It gave new members ideas on all the different things that can be taken to the fair. In February, we will have a club Valentine’s exchange. It allows older and younger kids to interact and get to know each other as they exchange gifts.
On March 4, the Kingman County Club Days will be held at the Kingman Elementary School. Some different things you can do there are give skits, play instruments, give presentations, and so much more. The whole point of Club Days is to help kids be able to speak in front of large groups.
Regional 4-H Days will be held in Medicine Lodge on March 18. This is where multiple counties compete. In order to make it to regionals, you have to get “top blue,” which is first place in your category. Alternate top blue is second place and awarded just in case first place can’t make it to Regionals. We are looking forward to these upcoming events!
Overall, our club had another successful year in 2022, and we’re hoping to keep “making the best better” in 2023!
Editor’s note: Story written by Stratton Young, Jocelyn Frith-Koerner and Addisyn Hudson, Vinita 4-H Club reporters.