New judge appointed for Conway Springs


By Paul Rhodes, TSnews

CONWAY SPRINGS – Effective immediately, the city of Conway Springs has a new municipal court judge.
At their most recent meeting earlier this month, members of the Conway Springs City Council approved the appointment of Russell Mills as the new judge for Conway Springs Municipal Court. Mills takes over the judge’s seat that had been held for eight years by Judge Ed Parks.
A letter of resignation from Judge Ed Parks, effective immediately, was presented to the council. The letter of resignation was accepted unanimously by members of the council.
Next, Mayor Daryle Smith appointed Russell Mills as the new judge for Conway Springs Municipal Court. The council approved the mayor’s appointment as presented.
In his letter of resignation, Parks stated that current circumstances would no longer allow him to serve as municipal court judge for Conway Springs. No other reason was presented for Parks’ resignation.
Parks also has served as municipal court judge for the city of Norwich for several years. Parks lives in Norwich.
Russell Mills is a practicing attorney in Derby, Kan., and lives in nearby Clearwater. He has already started the process of taking over the municipal court bench in Conway Springs, and held his first court session on Nov. 16.
This is the first municipal court appointment for Mills as judge.
In other business at their recent meeting, council members:
• Had a discussion with Country View residents on its developer and covenants on the addition. Mayor Smith will check with county officials on a drainage plan and covenants for the development.
• Discussed with the maintenance superintendent a water leak at 118 S. Cranmer. The leak had been fixed by city maintenance. The council approved reimbursement of the average on the water bill for 118 S. Cranmer.
• Discussed the Gerlach Plumbing repair bill at 350 W. Fort Scott. Council approved adjustment of the current water bill for the water leak on the city portion of the line. In addition, the council approved payment of the Gerlach Plumbing bill as presented for 305 W. Fort Scott for $391.
• Had a discussion with Kim Taylor on chipping of driveway and curbing at 106 N. Second. City to get with Dondlinger on the issue.
• Approved planting trees at the park around the tennis court, with Chris Bellar to get with city maintenance on placement.
• Discussed CIG contract for engineering service with Darin Neufeld. CIG to be completed by January 2023, and Neufeld to provide a draft of work to be done. Council approved the mayor signing the CIG as presented.
• Discussed a modification to Code 1908A for utility application charges as presented by council member Lori Gerber. The council approved the modification.
• Approved the estimate from Friess Tree and Lawn care for the removal and haul away of four dead trees from Central Park for $2,000, with funds to come from fund 10-04.
• Discussed demolition of 312 S. 5th with the homeowner. Homeowner does not see demo to extend past the end of 2022.
• Discussed the return and purchase of new brackets for the pole decorations on Spring Street for Christmas. Council agreed to purchase brackets with funds to come from fund 70.
• Reviewed the Al’s Automotive quote for repairs on the 2012 Silverado for $3,081.97. Council asked for an amended quote without tax, and approved the estimate not to exceed $3,500.
• Heard a report from the maintenance superintendent that the cut-in valve for the water tower was quoted from Core & Main for $14,000. He will get with Rural Water on use of rural water while work is being done during the day. Council approved the purchase of the cut-in valve for the water tower, with funds coming from fund 71.
• Approved the reimbursement of the Gerlach Plumbing bill to 219 W. Spring for $459.
• Approved the removal of Bailey Brashers as a signee on the Vintage and Conway Bank accounts.
• Held an executive session with no binding action taken.