Argonia makes offers to new police officers


By Travis Mounts, TSnews

ARGONIA – The City of Argonia will soon have its own police force again.
During the Nov. 7 Argonia City Council meeting, council members made the decision to offer part-time positions to two different officers. Both potential hires are currently working in federal law enforcement.
The city has not employed a police officer since the end of September 2020.
The hirings will become official after the candidates complete required paperwork and finish some required training for local police officers. The first candidate could potentially move to a full-time position and take on the role of police chief.
Because the hiring process is not quite complete, the city is not naming the future officers. Both candidates have accepted the city’s offers.
City officials said both candidates feel like a great fit. The city has been without a police officer for some time. Hiring qualified officers has been a struggle for police departments across the country, and is an especially difficult challenge for small, rural communities. Argonia had stopped actively marketing for the jobs, but was continuing to consider candidates as applications came in.
In other business:
• Argonia River Park is now closed for the season. The park was open last winter, but the city had to replace a number of water faucets and experienced higher-than-expected electric bills. The expenses exceeded revenue, making it unprofitable to keep the RV park open through the winter. The plan is to close the park each winter from Nov. 1 to March 1, although the opening date could be pushed further into March if the weather is not good.
• The city council approved spending $667.20 for new glass for the city backhoe.
• The city will soon do temporary work to close the distance between Main Street and the high curbs on either side of the street. Asphalt will be added to the edge of Main Street to raise the level of the street closer to the curbs.