Charming Conway couple named parade marshals

Mya Scott/Cardinal Times Evelyn and Albert Osner will serve as marshals of the Conway Springs Fall Fest parade.

By Mya Scott, Cardinal Times

This year’s Conway Springs Fall Fest parade marshals are well-known members of the community, Albert and Evelyn Osner.
The pair have been a part of the Chamber of Commerce since 1981. Both have been president at least once, and Evelyn still serves as the treasurer.
Together they have helped with a multitude of other things, like citywide garage sale day, citywide clean up, and hanging up Christmas lights on businesses around town. Evelyn belongs to the Altar Society, and Albert has been a helping hand with Fall Fest since 1970.
“I’m probably the only one who has every single button since 1988,” he said. “They started the buttons in ’88.”
He has helped with the barbecue held on the Saturday of the festival, has set up the morning parade, and has come up with the themed decorations.
“I’m the one that decorated the park. We started two months before Fall Fest to decorate,” Albert said. “We went and cut down stalks of corn, while they were still green, and stored them in a shed, otherwise they would be all crippled and crunchy.”
The two own multiple businesses on top of farming. They own Osner Upholstery, which was started in 1981, and the medical clinic building, which they rent to businesses to use except for Osner Exercise Center, located in the basement, which they manage.
Albert and Evelyn met in Colwich at Evelyn’s cousin’s wedding dance. They’ve been married for 43 years and have five children and nine grandchildren. The two spend their time camping and playing with their grandchildren. They also enjoy traveling with their family. They’ve taken trips to Ireland, many national parks, and even a two-day trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
“It took about six hours to walk down, and it took about eight hours to walk back out. Someone could probably do it faster,” Evelyn said, laughing.