From the Editor’s Files: Loving the unexpected in life


By Paul Rhodes, publisher and editor

Man, I love being a reporter for our newspaper group.
Granted, I don’t get to handle reporting assignments for Times-Sentinel Newspapers very often these days, but when I do, it seems like something unexpectedly wonderful always happens. These days my focus at work is mostly in the sales department, but I had a nice stretch of reporting assignments over the weekend and on Monday afternoon.
On Saturday, Kim and I were out picking sales for our antique booths in Wichita, and we hit several garage sales over in Haysville. It was the community’s annual Garage Sale Days, hosted by the Friends of Haysville Community Library.
The news staff needed someone to take pictures of this community event, and I was happy to volunteer. As it turned out, I was glad I did.
Kim and I visited some great sales in and around Haysville, and we scored a lot of loot. And yes, I took lots of pictures and visited with some great people.
On Monday afternoon, Kim and I were on hand for the unveiling of the Featured Artist for Autumn and Art, the annual art show at Bradley Fair in east Wichita. We love the event itself, and the awesome collection of artists it draws. This year’s annual kickoff event was just a little icing on the cake.
One of my goals was to meet Jenny Venn, the new director of marketing and communications at Wichita Festivals, Inc., the event’s organizer.
During our introductions, I mentioned that I was going to be very busy in September, mostly because of the time I will be spending at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield. Jenny’s eyes just lit up – she, too, is a fan of the annual bluegrass festival in Winfield.
In between our responsibilities for the artist reveal event, Jenny, Kim and I talked as much as we could about the festival and our connections with it. It turns out we’re all fans of several of the performers who frequent the festival, especially Steel Wheels and Wichita’s own Pretend Friend.
It really is a small, wonderful world.
This year’s Featured Artist is jewelry designer Cecilia Labora of Kansas City. After she was introduced and gave a brief presentation, Kim and I had a chance to meet her and strike up yet another wonderful conversation.
It turns out Cecilia is an accomplished traveler, and we all enjoyed talking about each other’s upcoming adventures this year.
By the end of our conversation with Cecilia, she and Kim had exchanged phone numbers, and Kim had promised to send her some links she had found on great vacation deals to Thailand.
Yep, Thailand.
Life is full of wonderful twists and turns, and my career as a journalist has certainly afforded me more than my share of exciting and unexpected reporting adventures. I am grateful for each and every one.
But tomorrow, I’d better get back to my sales work. It does pay the bills around here, after all.