Clearwater approves seasonal hire


By Michelle Leidy-Franklin, TSnews

CLEARWATER – The Clearwater City Council met briefly on May 24. Department updates were given.
The council approved a seasonal parks department new hire. New appointments for the historical and library boards also were approved.
The budget calendar was discussed. On June 15, assessed property valuations will be distributed by the county, including the revenue neutral rate. The city must notify the county clerk by July 20 if the council intends to exceed RNR. The council must hold RNR and budget hearings before the budget can be adopted. The council must then pass a resolution to exceed RNR if they choose to do so before formally adopting the city budget.
The Clearwater Police Department reported the Flock camera system has helped the department make two arrests. Both arrests were non-residents. The chief said the system is helping the department keep problems out of Clearwater.
The basketball courts are getting resurfaced and the entire project was expected to be completed in two weeks from start to finish.
The park department is having issues with the base mounts at the city park. Seven sleeves have required replacements. The mounts will be replaced after this recreation season is over.
The pool was painted and gutters were welded so that they no longer leak. The pool opened on schedule.
The Clearwater Senior Center plans to add more events for younger kids. Friendship Meals has seen an uptick in participation. Commodity pick-ups have also increased, prompting the director to create additional boxes to accommodate requests received between distributions.
Staff will be working to identify improvement district areas through the city that may be eligible for grants.