Swimmers have last chance to make State


By Travis Mounts

The Campus Colts swimming and diving team placed second behind the host Derby Panthers on May 3 in a meet held at Campus High School.
Derby was the runaway winner with 477 points. Campus scored 324 to beat Trinity Academy by 22 points. Only one of the other 11 schools even broke 200 points, as Newton scored 201 to place fourth.
The Colts picked up extra points by having three or four swimmers place in several events, helping boost them past Trinity.
Sayler Roberts won the 100-yard backstroke and 200 freestyle. Hayley Buller finished second in the 100 breaststroke. Roberts, Buller, Alexis Kassman and Lili Easterby gave Campus a first-place finish in the 200 freestyle relay, which was the Colts’ best relay performance that day.
The regular season wraps up this Saturday when Campus hosts the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League meet. It will be the final opportunity for swimmers to hit qualification times or to put themselves in the running for a spot by hitting consideration time.
The meet begins at 10 a.m.

200 medley relay: Campus A (Sophie Lorence, Shannon Cleary, Kiera Spencer, Alivia Hanes), 8th, 2:21.19; Campus B (Lili Easterby, Myrissa Showalter, Madalynn Miller, Aliyah Madrigal), 10th, 2:30.47; Campus C (Kailyn Tunnell, Tyler Naquin, Breanna Warren, Hannah Wilson), 14th, 2:34.21.
200 freestyle: Sayler Roberts, 1st, 2:02.83; Elle Schwerdfeger, 5th, 2:21.37; Hannah Wilson, 7th, 2:35.91; Breanna Warren, 14th, 3:03.54.
200 IM: Alexis Kassman, 9th, 2:46.82; Zoey Skiles, 14th, 3:05.02; Kiera Spencer, 16th, 3:16.23.
50 freestyle: Lili Easterby, 12th, 29.79.
1m diving: Lili Easterby, 4th, 299.95.
100 butterfly: Hayley Buller, 5th, 1:07.35; Alexis Kassman, 8th, 1:13.59; Sophie Lorence, 10th, 1:17.62; Kiera Spencer, 13th, 1:24.92.
500 freestyle: Elle Schwerdfeger, 6th, 6:12.86; Zoey Skiles, 8th, 6:19.46; Hannah Wilson, 9th, 7:25.22; Breanna Warren, 11th, 8:18.29.
200 freestyle relay: Campus A (Sayler Roberts, Alexis Kassman, Lili Easterby, Hayley Buller), 1st, 1:51.04; Campus B (Sophie Lorence, Kiera Spencer, Zoey Skiles, Elle Schwerdfeger), 9th, 2:05.66; Campus C (Madalynn Miller, Aliyah Madrigal, Myrissa Showalter, Ashlyn Theriot), 16th, 2:21.85.
100 backstroke: Sayler Roberts, 1st, 1:02.78; Sophie Lorence, 9th, 1:19.78; Madalynn Miller, 10th, 1:24.16; Kailyn Tunnell, 15th, 1:31.07.
100 breaststroke: Hayley Buller, 2nd, 1:16.46; Myrissa Showalter, 9th, 1:26.25; Shannon Cleary, 14th, 1:32.38; Tyler Naguin, 15th, 1:33.14.
400 freestyle relay: Campus A (Sayler Roberts, Hannah Wilson, Alexis Kassman, Hayley Buller), 4th, 4:12.66; Campus B (Zoey Skiles, Shannon Cleary, Alivia Hanes, Elle Schwerdfeger), 7th, 5:10.92; Campus C (Breanna Warren, Ashlyn Theriot, Hannah Stepp, Tyler Naquin), 11th, 5:37.29; Campus D (Kailyn Tunnell, Taylor Smith, Avery Perkins, Saige Gregory), 12th, 5:54.17.