Track roundup, April 21


Garden Plain Owls shine at home track meet

By Travis Mounts

The Garden Plain Owls track and field team was at home last Friday for a meet with unlimited team entries.
The Owls garnered gold in multiple events, and had many more placers. The boys placed three in both hurdle events. Luke Hillman was a winner in discus and Will Tice won javelin, the second win of the week for both athletes. Logan Albers won the 300-meter hurdles.
Brooke Hammond swept the sprints, with wins in the 100, 200 and 400 meters, and Celia Puetz swept the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles. Sydney Puetz won pole vault, Naomi Dooley won discus for the second time in two meets last week, and Alayna Hoheisel and Dooley were first and second in javelin. Sophie Smith, Ava Mies and Sydney Puetz took the top three spots in triple jump.

Boys results
400: Noah McGregor, 3rd, 54.69; Teagan Gallagher, 5th, 55.89.
800: Will Tice, 2nd, 2:10.26; Ty Scheer, 7th, 2:18.87.
1600: Logan McKim, 5th, 5:21.65; Thane Stuhlsatz, 6th, 5:24.19.
3200: Logan McKim, 3rd, 11:47.95.
110 hurdles: Logan Albers, 2nd, 16.30; Daniel Mans, 5th, 18.40; Elliott Helten, 6th, 18.48.
300 hurdles: Logan Albers, 1st, 41.98; Elliott Helten, 4th, 44.38; Daniel Mans, 6th, 46.14.
4×100: Garden Plain A, 3rd, 46.25; Garden Plain B, 5th, 48.29; Garden Plain C, 6th, 51.59; Garden Plain D, 7th, 55.56.
4×400: Garden Plain, 1st, 3:44.78.
4×800: Garden Plain, 2nd, 8:59.75.
High jump: Jaden Stierwalt, 6th, 5-6; Rylan Devine, 7th, 5-6.
Pole vault: Collin Haukap, 3rd, 9-6; Kaden Pauly, 7th, 8-6.
Long jump: Elijah Atkins, 5th, 19-2.5; Noah McGregor, 6th, 19-2.25.
Triple jump: Luke Hillman, 2nd, 39-8.
Shot put: Luke Hillman, 2nd, 47-11.75; Hank Lilly, 6th, 40-4.5; Trevor Schmidt, 7th, 40-4.
Discus: Luke Hillman, 1st, 141-7; Trevor Schmidt, 3rd, 135-10; Will Tice, 6th, 127-3.
Javelin: Will Tice, 1st, 164-8; Elijah Atkins, 4th, 152-22; Gage Lee, 7th, 124-6.

Girls results
100: Brooke Hammond, 1st, 12.48.
200: Brooke Hammond, 1st, 26.30; Ryleigh Stuhlsatz, 7th, 29.26.
400: Brooke Hammond, 1st, 1:01.74.
1600: Sydney Puetz, 3rd, 6:00.94.
100 hurdles: Celia Puetz, 1st, 16.47; Ava Mies, 7th, 18.89.
300 hurdles: Celia Puetz, 1st, 51.07; Ava Mies, 4th, 53.42; Julianna Gorges, 78th, 56.39.
4×100: Garden Plain A, 2nd, 53.73; Garden Plain B, 5th, 58.17.
Pole vault: Sydney Puetz, 1st, 7-6; Ashley Decker, 2nd, 5-0.
Long jump: Sophie Smith, 4th, 14-9.75; Alayna Hoheisel, 7th, 13-10.25.
Triple jump: Sophie Smith, 1st, 33-0; Ava Mies, 2nd, 31-6; Sydney Puetz, 3rd, 31-2.25.
Shot put: Molly Zoglman, 2nd, 31-5.5; Celia Puetz, 4th, 30-2.
Discus: Naomi Dooley, 1st, 119-10; Molly Zoglman, 2nd, 105-5; Kora Rex, 3rd, 103-1.
Javelin: Alayna Hoheisel, 1st, 111-1; Naomi Dooley, 2nd, 108-1; Kora Rex, 4th, 102-10; Molly Zoglman, 6th, 101-4.

Lions, Tigers and Indians go to Augusta

The Clearwater Indians, Goddard Lions and Eisenhower Tigers traveled to Augusta last week on Tuesday for a participation meet. All three schools earned a number of positive finishes.
Madison Williams gave the Clearwater girls a first-place finish by winning the 100 meters. Eisenhower picked up a gold medal with Kayla Ortman’s win in girls pole vault. Goddard’s Zane Pepperd also brought home a first-place finish, winning the boys 110-meter hurdles.
Clearwater returns to the track this Friday. It is the Indians’ first meet since Augusta. Twelve teams will be in the field, including Garden Plain.
Eisenhower will go to Wichita for the Heights High School meet.
Goddard’s only action this week was at Andover Central on Tuesday; results were not available at press time. The Lions will compete next Tuesday in the Wichita East meet, and then go to Arkansas City at the end of next week.

Clearwater results
Long jump: Cayden Gilbert, 25th, 15-3.
Discus: Brett Gibbs, 6th, 118-6; Jackson Haslett, 16th, 104-2; Maverick Lawrence, 17th, 100-1.
Javelin: Trent Hastings, 16th, 120-0; Jackson Haslett, 18th, 117-8; Maverick Lawrence, 28th, 99-7.
Shot put: Brett Gibbs, 15th, 40-0; Jackson Haslett, 24th, 35-5; Will Allred, 28th, 34-3.5.
110 hurdles: Trent Hastings, 7th, 16.59.

High jump: Jacqueline Corcoran, 9th, 4-4; Brooke Berlin, 11th, 4-2.
Long jump: Kalea Gooch, 18th, 12-11.
Javelin: Camryn Clevenger, 7th, 87-10.
100 hurdles: Madison Williamson, 2nd, 15.54; Kensy McArtor, 5th, 16.17.
100: Madison Williams, 1st, 12.63;

Eisenhower results
High jump: Lucas Kaufman, tie 9th, 5-6; Derek Morgan, tie 12th, 5-2.
1600: Lucas Kaufman, tie 9th, 5-6.
Pole vault: Jace McCaffrey, 2nd, 11-7; Carter Dickman, 3rd, 10-7; Austin Hoyt, 4th, 10-1.
Long jump: Cade Friend, 11th, 19-2; Michael Lipgens, 13th, 18-10.5; Brody Hall, 17th, 18-2.
Triple jump: Cade Friend, 2nd, 39-8; Brody Hall, 14th, 35-11.
Discus: Bennett McCargo, 4th, 124-4; Chase Koeppen, 19th, 95-4; Lucas Freeman, 23rd, 89-7.
Javelin: Austin Hoyt, 3rd, 150-4; Lucas Freeman, 22nd, 112-10.
Shot put: Bennett McCargo, 7th, 41-8; Lucas Freeman, 26th, 34-8.5; Chase Koeppen, 27th, 34-7.5.
110 hurdles: Lane Cash, 6th, 16.54.

Pole vault: Kayla Ortman, 1st, 9-7; Leah Renner, 6th, 7-7; Nina Nelson, 8th, 7-1.
Long jump: Delaniee Dexter, 6th, 15-4; Kennedy Fisher, 9th, 14-7; Kayla Ortman, 12th, 14-0.
Triple jump: Avah Alexander, 4th, 31-11; Kennedy Fisher, 6th, 30-0.
Discus: Kila Respress, 11th, 78-2; Leah Wilkinson, 16th, 73-0; Alayna Raney, 19th, 71-3.
Javelin: Abigail Farr, 4th, 92-8; Carly Dameron, 6th, 98-8; Kila Respress, 21st, 69-6.
Shot put: Kila Respress, 7th, 30-6; Carly Dameron, 22nd, 26-4; Leah Wilkinson, 24th, 24-5.
100 hurdles: Makenzie Block, 4th, 15.73; Mackenzie Popp, 10th, 19.52.

Goddard results
1600: Ryan Bay, 3rd, 6-0.
Long jump: Dalton Dunn, 5th, 19-10; Ryan Bay, 14th, 18-5.5.
Triple jump: Ryan Bay, 4th, 39-2.5; Dalton Dunn, 6th, 38-7; Tristan Stirrat, 10th, 36-7.
Discus: Ruben Ortiz, 10th, 113-7; Bradley Bond, 14th, 106-4; Warrick Eakin, 26th, 81-6.
Javelin: Dylan Reese, 13th, 125-7; Jayden Gerber, 19th, 117-5; Gavin Hutchinson, 21st, 113-4.
Shot put: Bradley Bond, 4th, 45-11; Warrick Eakin, 11th, 40-8; Isaac Mondragon, 20th, 37-7.
110 hurdles: Zane Pepperd, 1st, 14.86; Tyson Wallace, 13th, 20.04.

Long jump: Lily Grilliot, 14th, 13-8.5.
Triple jump: Lily Grilliot, 9th, 29-5.
Discus: Haley Brozek, 9th, 82-8; Riley Scoggin, 15th, 73-4.
Javelin: Haley Brozek, 16th, 78-10; Riley Scoggin, 22nd, 68-6.
Shot put: Riley Scoggin, 12th, 28-9.5; Haley Brozek, 20th, 26-10.

Cardinals, Owls compete at Belle Plaine

The Conway Springs Cardinals and Garden Plain Owls took part in Belle Plaine’s participation meet on April 12.
The Garden Plain girls won the team competition, beating Rose Hill by a single point, 128-127. The Conway Springs girls scored 56 points and placed fourth out of 10 teams.
In the boys’ competition, the Owls were second with 114 points, and the Cardinals took fifth with 45. Rose Hill won with 155 points.
For the Cardinals, Melissa Ebenkamp, Kenzie Wenke, Cheyanne Tull and Allison Lange all placed in more than one individual event. Ebenkamp took first in the long jump, and Wenke was second in high jump.
Lance Pauly led the boys with three individual medals, including first place in triple jump. Brayden Kunze and and Cade Howell also placed in multiple events.
For the Owls, several girls grabbed gold including Celia Puetz in both hurdles events and shot put, Brooke Hammond in the 100 and 200 meters, Sophie Smith in triple jump, Naomi Dooley in discus and Sydney Puetz in the 1600.
Logan Albers set the standard for the GP boys, winning both hurdle races. Luke Hillman won gold in discus, and Will Tice won javelin.
Garden Plain competed on Friday at home in a participation meet. The Owls will be at Clearwater on Friday.
Conway Springs went to Kingman on Tuesday of this week, and will take part in the Halstead meet this Friday.

Conway Springs results
200: Lance Pauly, 3rd, 22.92;
4×100: Conway Springs, 2nd, 46.27.
High jump: Ian Solomon, 5th, 5-6.
Long jump: Lance Pauly, 3rd, 20-2; Brayden Kunz, 4th, 20-1.
Triple jump: Lance Pauly, 1st, 44-3; Brayden Kunz, 5th, 40-8.5.
Shot put: Cade Howell, 4th, 39-5.5; Colton Wolken, 5th, 38-4.75.
Javelin: Cade Howell, 6th, 117-9.

100: Kenzie Wenke, 4th, 14.50.
200: Melissa Ebenkamp, 5th, 30.77.
800: Cheyanne Tull, 5th, 2:49.60; Allyson Lange, 6th, 2:55.01.
1600: Allyson Lange, 5th, 6:51.97.
3200: Rosalyn Zoglmann, 3rd, 17:30.96.
100 hurdles: Cheyanne Tull, 5th, 19.34.
4×100: Conway Springs, 2nd, 56.87.
High jump: Kenzie Wenke, 2nd, 5-0; Kaley Perkins, 6th, 4-6.
Long jump: Melissa Ebenkamp, 1st, 16-4.25.
Shot put: Katelyn Koester, 4th, 32-1.
Discus: Faith Kelly, 3rd, 97-2.

Garden Plain results
400: Noah McGregor, 3rd, 55.02; Taegan Gallagher, 6th, 56.01.
800: Will Tice, 2nd, 2:11.97; Thane Stuhlsatz, 3rd, 2:16.30; Ty Scheer, 5th, 2:18.59.
1600: Thane Stuhlsatz, 4th, 5:25.82.
110 hurdles: Logan Albers, 1st, 16.76; Elliott Helten, 6th, 19.30.
300 hurdles: Logan Albers, 1st, 41.96; Elliott Helten, 4th, 44.84; Daniel Mans, 6th, 45.14.
4×100: Garden Plain, 4th, 47.40
4×800: Garden Plain, 1st, 9:02.75.
Triple jump: Noah McGregor, 3rd, 41-7.5.
Shot put: Luke Hillman, 2nd, 47-2.5; Thomas Mies, 6th, 36-9.75.
Discus: Luke Hillman, 1st, 134-0; Trevor Schmidt, 5th, 120-2.
Javelin: Will Tice, 1st, 175-8; Elijah Atkins, 3rd, 141-6; Gage Lee, 4th, 135-9.

100: Brooke Hammond, 1st, 12.87.
200: Brooke Hammond, 1st, 26.20; Ryleigh Stuhlsatz, 4th, 30.29.
400: Jewel Gallagher, 5th, 1:11.32.
1600: Sydney Puetz, 1st, 6:04.44.
100 hurdles: Celia Puetz, 1st, 17.16.
300 hurdles: Celia Puetz, 1st, 52.17.
4×400: Garden Plain, 1st, 4:32.82.
Long jump: Sophie Smith, 5th, 15-0.
Triple jump: Sophie Smith, 1st, 33-11.75; Sydney Puetz, 2nd, 32-10.
Shot put: Celia Puetz, 1st, 34-0; Molly Zoglman, 3rd, 32-7.5.
Discus: Naomi Dooley, 1st, 105-1; Gretchen Stuhlsatz, 4th, 92-4; Molly Zoglman, 6th, 84-8.
Javelin: Molly Zoglman, 3rd, 103-2; Naomi Dooley, 4th, 102-2; Gretchen Stuhlsatz, 6th, 98-7.

Love sets new AHS record

Lakelyn Love set a new Argonia High School high jump record in the Raiders’ lone meet last week.
AHS competed in the South Barber Invitational in Kiowa on April 12, where Love jumped 5-0 in the high jump to set the new record. That was good enough for second-place in the event. She was one of just two athletes to break 5 feet that day.
Maya Jones placed in two events for Argonia, taking fourth in the 1600 meters and fifth in the 3200 meters.
Both the girls and boys teams placed 11th out of 12 teams. The AHS girls scored 15 points, and the boys scored 8.
Argonia started off this week with a Tuesday track meet at Caldwell. The Raiders will be in action again on Friday, traveling to Norwich for a 3 p.m. meet. They will go to Central Burden next Tuesday.

Boys results
High jump: Damien Smith, 4th, 5-2.
Javelin: Dalton Morrison, 4th, 125-8.

Girls results
High jump: Lakelynn Love, 2nd, 5-0; Heidi McCurley, 6th, 4-6.
3200: Maya Jones, 5th, 16:52.60.
1600: Maya Jones, 4th, 7:23.90.