Conway Springs 4-H to help with community gardens


CONWAY SPRINGS – The Conway Springs Development Foundation is going to be getting a 4-H assistance in maintaining the community gardens this summer.
The newest board member of the Foundation, Patricia Haskins, will act as a liaison between the foundation and the local 4-H club. She is active with both organizations. She will be coordinating efforts by the club to take over the largest garden bed located in the community gardens located on the foundation property at 121 S. 7th.
“4-H said they can commit to service one of the garden beds,” said Haskins. “They suggest offering the remaining beds to other community organizations such as churches, Boy Scouts, and BPW to make it truly a community garden effort.”
Haskins recently joined the foundation board, replacing Jessica Wenke.
“I decided to join the foundation to serve the community that supports my family,” said Haskins. “My goals are service, community relationships and fun.”
The community garden was established in 2021 as a way for local individuals, organizations, and foundation board members to participate in growing fresh produce and providing food to local residents in need. All community members are invited to participate in the care of the gardens.
Foundation board member Brandon Salisbury has offered free seed mixes to any organization that would like to participate. To sign up your organization or family to take over the planting and care of one of the raised garden beds at the foundation building, please contact the foundation board at