Pie for Pi Day

Betty McCutcheon, right, has been donating her famous lemon meringue pies for Pi Day for many years. This year was no different and she donated two pies for the event. She is pictured holding her homemade pie with Friends of the Haysville Community Library president Klyda Fall. Picture by Michelle Leidy-Franklin/TSnews

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin, TSnews

HAYSVILLE – Members of the Friends of Haysville Community Library hosted a two-day fundraiser celebrating March 14 as Pi Day with, you guessed it, pie.
“This was the first time since the pandemic that we were able to host this event without restrictions,” said FHCL president Klyda Fall.
FHCL sold whole pies and slices at the Haysville Community Library to commemorate the day. Tables were set up for patrons to sit and enjoy their pie along with some free coffee.
“The friends of the library rely solely on donations to make this event happen,” said group treasurer Norma Schaper.
The tradition of celebrating March 14 as Pi Day began in the United States in 2009. Pi is the circumference to diameter ratio of a circle. Its first three numbers are 3.14, thus the chosen day of celebration.
The existence of pi and its approximate value was known to ancient civilizations dating back to 2000 B.C. Archimedes was able to approximate pi with an algorithm he created in 250 B.C. Mathematician William Jones used the greek letter Π to represent pi beginning in 1706.
Pi Day is recognized by several countries and March 14 was declared the International Day of Mathematics by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2019.
“The event was quite profitable for the friends of the library,” said library director Ken Bell. “They were able to raise quite a lot, over $800.”
All funds raised during the event will be used to help purchase books for the Haysville Community Library.