Police have suspects in string of burglaries


CHENEY – Police are continuing to investigate a series of December car burglaries and related thefts, and these crimes are possibly connected to another series from late October and early November.
Police Chief Ken Winter said there were nine car burglaries in December, with thefts in at least some of those cases. In a few of the cases, it has been difficult to prove anything was stolen.
“We believe we have cleared all of those,” Winter said.
He said some of the suspects also were involved with a string of incidents in the fall.
Arrests have been made, although charges have not been filed. Winter expects charges to be filed or a case to be presented to the Sedgwick County District Attorneys office in the next few weeks. The DA’s office is working to clear a case backlog that dates back to the start of the coronavirus pandemic, so sometimes it can be many weeks before police can meet with attorney’s from the DA’s office.
Police got a break on the December burglaries from an unrelated domestic violence case in the city. Stolen property was found as a part of that case, Winter explained.
“We didn’t even suspect these people,” he said. Winter said the original focus was on some juvenile suspects.
The suspects in the December burglaries also are suspected in a vehicle theft. That vehicle was recovered at Cherry Oaks Golf Course.