Marcy Smalley retires from Haysville PD


By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

HAYSVILLE – After 24 years, Marcy Smalley has retired from the Haysville Police Department.
A retirement party was held for Smalley by the department where she received a vintage clock with an engraved plaque on top thanking her for her service.
“Marcy has always been a valuable part of the team here in the police department, and had a wealth of knowledge,” said Chief Jeff Whitfield. “She was always willing to help officers find information when they were working on cases.  Over the years she learned a lot of tricks to find things, and that ability will most certainly be missed.  Things will certainly not be the same without her”.
Smalley started her career in dispatch in 1997. When Sedgwick County eventually took over dispatching emergency calls, she became a community resource specialist. She handled calls, paperwork, customer questions and needs among multiple other duties at the police department.
Smalley started within a year of Chief Whitfield and Captain Keith Luongo. She said they have been through everything together over the years.
“Everybody at the department is just wonderful,” said Smalley. “They are like family. I hate to leave.”
Smalley served from July 7, 1997 to December 7, 2021. She said she tried very hard to make it to 25 years, but her health just wouldn’t let her. Smalley had hip replacement surgery on Dec. 8 and will need a knee replaced as well. She looks forward to healing up and feeling better. She said the hip replacement went well.
Once Smalley recovers from knee replacement surgery, she hopes to be able to hike again.
“When my daughter was considering moving to Denver, she asked me to come for a walk with her,” said Smalley. “It was a long walk but the view was gorgeous from the top of the trail and I enjoyed spending that much time with my daughter.”
Smalley also looks forward to spending more time with her five grandchildren. She has two grandchildren who live in Lawrence, and three more that live in San Antonio, Texas.

Everyone gathers for a picture with Marcy Smalley at her retirement party. She has been a dispatcher with the police department since 1997.