Commissioners approve new district boundaries


SEDGWICK COUNTY – There will be only a few changes to the Sedgwick County Commission boundaries for the next decade.
Last Wednesday, commissioners approved the recommendation of an ad hoc committee for the boundaries of the areas that the commissioners will represent. The redistricting is required after 10 years, following the United States Census.
Roughly 9,700 residents will find themselves in new districts. That is less than 2 percent of the county’s 523,824 residents, according to 2020 Census figures.
County staff had offered 11 different maps for consideration. A bipartisan redistricting committee was tasked with considering options. The 15 members of the committee unanimously recommended what was known as Plan 6, which offered among the fewest changes to the map.
Concerns were originally raised about the fairness of the options, but the redistricting committee’s recommendation was approved unanimously on Dec. 15 by the county commission, which includes three Republicans and two Democrats.
The redistricting changes were made within the city limits of Wichita. In the TSnews coverage area in southwest Sedgwick County, there were no changes.
District 3 is represented by David Dennis (R-Wichita). The district includes the cities of Goddard, Garden Plain, Cheney and Viola. The district covers all of western Sedgwick County, also including Colwich, Andale and Mt. Hope, as well as most of west Wichita north of Kellogg.
District 2 is represented by Sarah Lopez (D-Haysville). The district covers southern Sedgwick County and includes Haysville and Clearwater, as well as the southwest quadrant of Wichita.