Capeless crusader: Haysville man finds many ways to help others


By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

HAYSVILLE – Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they respond to pleas for help on Facebook to rescue a cat from a tree branch 80 feet in the air.
Gage Webb is making a name for himself in Haysville. On Nov. 13, Patty Holman made a post on the Haysville Happenings Facebook page asking for help rescuing a cat who had been stuck in a tree for six days. Holman had already called the local fire department, but they were unable to assist.
“I am a mechanic, but I sure do have a soft spot for animals,” said Webb in a reply to Holman telling her he was on his way.
Soon, pictures of the rescued cat eating its first meal in nearly a week showed up on Holman’s post as an update. Multiple responses came in from others keeping tabs on the situation, thanking Webb for intervening.
But Webb doesn’t just spend all of his free time saving cats stuck in trees. He began a coat and clothing drive on Nov. 2 to help the homeless in the City of Haysville and surrounding areas. He is collecting cold weather clothing items to donate through Dec. 2.
Webb owns Grace Mobile Repairs and offers a 10 percent discount on labor for anyone who donates items for his clothing drive.
“It’s been a tough couple of years with the pandemic and everything,” said Webb. “I’m just trying to bring the community back together and show others there are people out there they can trust.”
Webb is a long-time resident of Haysville. He was reared by his grandparents in the town and has lived there for more than 20 years. He works full time for Helten Farm Repair but spends his evenings offering mobile auto, tractor, and small engine repairs.
Webb started his business in the last couple of months as a way to help the community and offer repairs in a way that would best benefit those in need. He makes house calls and says he only charges about half the typical labor cost of the average mechanic. He has found there to be enough need that he has even hired some additional help.
Word has spread about Webb’s charity-giving ways and he said he has stayed pretty busy.
“I work full time at Helten and then I come home and work until about 10 p.m. going out to the people who need help,” said Webb.
Webb said he just wants to show his community that there are still good people out there and he wants to help where he can.