Bus driver calls for help at fight; 4 arrested


Staff report

GODDARD – A Goddard bus driver helped diffuse a Tuesday morning fight at a stop by radioing for help.
Goddard Public Schools explained the situation in an email sent to parents:
“This morning, as bus route 6 arrived to pick up students at Regency Mobile Home Park, a fight involving students and non-students was taking place. The bus driver immediately called for police assistance using the two-way radio. As law enforcement was responding, the driver again relayed information by radio that one of the individuals involved in the fight may have a gun. Law enforcement officers arrived and quickly took control of the situation. Three non-Goddard students were arrested and a gun was confirmed to have been brandished and was recovered at the scene.
“The radio transmissions from the bus driver to the school police were overheard by numerous students on other bus routes throughout the District, so we wanted all families to have accurate information of the situation.
“School administrators and counseling staff are aware of the situation and are making themselves available to students who may need support. As a reminder to families, whenever you have, or hear of a concern related to student safety or security, please contact your child’s school office directly.”
According to reports, two groups of teenagers were having an argument about vehicle break-ins. A window on the bus door was reportedly broken by one of the teens.
In addition to the three teens being arrested, an adult was later arrested. Authorities believed a firearm may have been returned to a home at Regency Mobile Home Park. An adult came out of a house, and a deputy saw a firearm in the person’s pocket. That person is prohibited from having a firearm, and was subsequently arrested, according to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department.
Regency Mobile Home Park is located just east of the Goddard city limits, between 151st Street West and 167th Street West. It sits just south of the district’s east campus, which includes Eisenhower High School and Middle School, Explorer Elementary School and Apollo Elementary School.