Clearwater city code updated to comply with state regulations


By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

CLEARWATER – The Clearwater City Council approved changes to the city code to comply with state regulations. The council met on July 27.
Previously, regulations on yard signs could have prevented residents from putting political signs in their yards. This is a violation of rights for residential property owners and is contrary to state regulations.
Cities must comply with state regulations in this matter.The error in the city code was caught by the city attorney.
“This is just a clean up of language,” said city administrator Courtney Zollinger.
In other business:
• The council approved a request by the After Prom committee to allow UTVs to be used at the sports complex during a fundraising event. The request was approved as long as the committee coordinates the route with the public works department to prevent harm to the fields and sprinklers.
• The council voted to waive the rental fee for the senior center for a group that will be meeting to discuss future community Independence Day celebrations. A group has formed to create more events and community participation for the holiday. Rental fees may be waived in the future for the group pending the outcome of the first meeting. If the group looks like it will be moving forward, it may be permitted to hold their meetings at the senior center.
• The council approved setting a hearing to exceed the revenue neutral rate and a budget hearing for Aug. 24 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Community members will have the opportunity to voice their objections and questions regarding the revenue neutral rate and the amount of ad valorem tax and the proposed use of all funds collected.
• Mayor Burt Ussery clarified that the recent land purchases made by the city did include water rights, but would not give the city rights to use more water. The city is not allowed to use more than their allocated amounts and would have to request more water allocations in order to exceed the current limit on water usage.
• A discussion on upgrading the security of the front office of City Hall was tabled. Additional information was requested by the council. Portions of the upgrade will be covered by COVID-19 grant funds. Instead of waiting to do the portion not covered by the grant at a later time, the council requested quotes on the entire job in an effort to get the upgrades done at the same time.