Candidates line up for city and BOE races


By Travis Mounts

The ballots are set for this fall’s city and school board elections. The filing deadline was at noon on Tuesday of this week.
The general election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 2. None of the races requires an August primary election.
Here is a look at the candidates for local races.

Sedgwick County

It appears incumbents are on track for new terms in Cheney. Current city council members Kassie Gile, Jeff Albers and Greg L. Williams are running for three open seats. Mayor Phillip Mize is running for another term unopposed.
In Clearwater, four candidates are vying for three seats on the city council. The candidates are Crystal Walker, Tim Robben, Christopher A. Griffin and William S. “Tex” Titterington. Griffin and Walter are currently on the city council. Shirley Palmer-Witt did not file for re-election.
In Garden Plain, mayor Kevin Hammond and city council members Tracy Thul and Tyler Bugner are running for re-election unopposed.
In Goddard, four people are seeking two open city council seats. The candidates include current council members Michael S. Proctor and Brent Emery Traylor, former mayor and council member Jamey Lee Blubaugh, and James Kilian.
Goddard is currently transitioning its governing body, and soon will no longer have an elected mayoral position. Current Mayor Hunter Larkin will become a city council member in January 2022. Until then, the city will have a mayor and four city council members rather than the previous five. Starting next year, the five council members will vote among themselves to have somebody serve in a leadership position.

In Haysville, current Mayor Bruce W. Armstrong has challenges from two people: current city council member Russ Kessler, whom Armstrong beat four years ago, and former city employee Rose Corby.
Four sitting council members, each representing a different ward, are running for re-election unopposed. They are Steven G. Crum, Daniel Benner, Pat Ewert and Danny D. Walters.
In Viola, Loretta Donham is the only candidate who has filed for city council. Three council seats and the mayor’s seat are up for election this year.
Turning to school board elections, there are seven candidates vying for three spots on the USD 261 Haysville Board of Education. They are David M. Kahmann, Courtney Williams, Jerome C. Crawford, Jeremy Bennett, Jason Welch, Kelly Ramseyer, and Con R. Howerton. Bennett and Crawford are incumbents. Current board president Paige Crum did not file for another term.
Seven candidates are challenging for three seats on the BOE in USD 264 Clearwater, as well. They are Colette Watson, Joneva Flowers, Dawn Irvin, Derrek Jeardoe, Kathleen E. Garrison, John K. Burke and Lyle J. Berntsen. Watson is the lone incumbent in that group.
The BOE race for three seats in USD 265 Goddard has drawn six candidates: Ruth A. Wood, Kevin R. McWhorter, Mark Richards, Shane P. Dent, Ginger Rose and Jon S. Weakley. Wood, McWhorter and Richards are the current board members up for re-election.
There is one contested race in USD 267 Renwick, for the final two years in the district’s lone at-large position. Julie Ann Koon of Garden Plain and Todd Horsch of Mt. Hope are seeking that seat. Thomas Peltzer in District 1 Position 4, Ryan Hennes in District 2 Position 5, and Craig A. Nelson in District 3 Position 6 are unopposed.
There are three candidates for three seats in USD 268 Cheney. Julie Peintner, Cody Ast and Rusty Slusser are running for the at-large positions.

Sumner County

One seat on the USD 356 Conway Springs Board of Education will be challenged.
Curtis Winter and Amber Hilger are on the ballot for District 3 Position 6. Winter is the incumbent, and Hilger is the challenger.
Brad Farmer in District 1 Position 4 and Aaron Lange in District 2 Position 5, both incumbents, are running unchallenged.
No one has filed for District 2 Position 5 on the USD 359 Argonia Board of Education. Sarah Vineyard in District 1 Position 4 and Scott Jones in District 3 Position 6 are running for re-election unchallenged.
Turning to city races, there are four candidates seeking two seats on the Conway Springs City Council. Theresa K. Lange, Landon Wiseley, Sarah Mercer and James A. Nichols have filed for those two seats. Lange is the lone incumbent.
Current city council member Daryle Smith is the lone candidate running for mayor. He will replace Jessica Gerlach, who has chosen to not seek re-election.
In Argonia, Terina McCurley and Scott Jones are seeking the two open city council seats. Both are current council members. Mayor Rick Dolley is seeking re-election and is unchallenged.
In Milan, Mayor Howard R. Yale is seeking re-election, and is the only candidate. All five city council seats will be on the ballot. Only Kevin Ray Davis and Roger Ray have filed. The other three spots will likely be decided by write-in votes.
All seats in Mayfield are on the ballot but nothing is being contested. Larry Ford is the lone mayoral candidate. The city’s five city council seats are on the ballot, and there are five candidates: Kelly Ford, Jeff Mortimer, Cohl Davis, Cheryl Heimer and Steven Metzen.