Teen survives accident days before Mother’s Day

Charlie Daughtery sits inside of his vehicle in this undated photo. He escaped serious injury in a crash near Cheney last week.

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

CHENEY – Amanda Daughtery was hugging her son a little tighter this Mother’s Day weekend.
Charlie Daughtery was heading home to Milton from a Future Farmers of America meeting in Cheney on Tuesday, May 4, when a tire on his truck blew out, causing him to lose control. The truck veered into the opposite ditch, which then sent it airborne before rolling in a field on the opposite side of the road.
“When he called me and told me he had rolled the truck, I just got up, grabbed the keys and ran out the door. I didn’t even have my shoes on,” said Amanda.

Daughtery’s father, Randy, inspects the damage at the accident site. He could not fit all the way into the driver’s seat because of the extent of the damage.

Charlie doesn’t remember much about the accident or the people who stopped to help him, but by the time his mother arrived at the scene two women from Conway Springs had stopped to assist. Amanda said they were a mother and her daughter and both were nurses. The good Samaritans immobilized Charlie in order to help prevent further injury until emergency services arrived
While Charlie was being rushed to Wesley Medical Center by ambulance, Amanda went home to pick up her husband, Randy Daughtery, to join their son at the hospital. After a night of tests and x-rays, Charlie was released at 4 p.m. the following afternoon with a back brace. He will likely need therapy in the future as well.
“I was planning to work for a lawn company this summer and play football in the fall. It doesn’t look like I will get to now,” said Charlie.
But with Mother’s Day just days after the accident, Amanda is grateful her son is alive.
“It means a lot to me that he is still here. I could be burying him. It means a lot that God was watching over him,” said Amanda. “He is up walking around, and that is something we are praising God for.”