From the Editor’s Files: Spring showers bring a chance to reflect


By Paul Rhodes
Editor and publisher

When I woke up Tuesday morning, we were in the middle of a beautiful spring shower in Goddard.
Thunder was rumbling off in the distance, and I could hear the raindrops on the windows as the shower would pick up its pace for a few minutes. It was one of the most relaxing sounds I had heard in some time, and I took full advantage of the situation.
It’s not very often when I can stay in bed for a few more precious minutes on a weekday and just reflect on how life is going. And for the most part, I can report that things are going pretty well.
At least that’s what I figured out as I lingered in bed a few more minutes that morning.
Kim and I had gotten our second COVID vaccination shots on Thursday of last week, and we went into the weekend experiencing much more of a reaction to our second Moderna shots than we did with our first shots.
Kim was running a pretty high fever Friday morning, and felt puny. I had a low-grade fever, and managed to push my way through the workday. Our symptoms followed us into the weekend, so we had to pick our battles with care.
Still, we did manage to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather on Saturday afternoon, and had a much-needed bike ride on the Prairie Sunset Trail with another couple. We rode a little over four miles total, and felt like we had ridden 40 miles. That wasn’t a big surprise.
The bike ride provided a great opportunity for much-needed conversation with adults other than ourselves, and will be a big part of getting back into a social life this summer. Our friends have been fully vaccinated, as well, and we’re looking forward to lots of bike rides this year, and even some outdoor concerts as the summer progresses.
Back home, Kim and I knew we needed a pretty relaxing evening at home. We did a little cooking for the next day, and watched a movie that evening.
We knew our Easter Sunday was going to be full, and it was. We had made plans to take Easter dinner to Kim’s father, Clyde, who had turned 91 the weekend before. His present from us was some starter plants for his garden, and the promise to come up on Easter Sunday and plant his garden.
Clyde has done a lot of container gardening over the years, and had converted an old truck bed liner into the largest of his garden containers. I had brought along some tools to work the ground after our Easter dinner, and Kim and I made short work of the gardening chores that afternoon.
The old truck bed liner proved to be the perfect spot for the plants we had gotten Clyde the weekend before. He was worried that we had brought too many plants to care for, but once we were done with our planting, the first thing he asked was where the rest of the plants were.
We all got a good laugh over Clyde’s change of heart, and hopefully the simple garden spot will give him something to look forward to doing in between regular visits by Kim and other family members.
When Kim and I talked by phone Monday evening, we both agreed that we were extra tired from our vaccination reactions and the strenuous projects we had taken on over the weekend.
As I lingered in bed Tuesday morning, I realized just how much we had accomplished over the weekend – even in what we thought was a compromised state. Most importantly, we are now fully vaccinated and can soon start to enjoy the benefits of more social gatherings. It was well worth feeling puny for a few days.
I daydreamed about upcoming visits with my kids and grandkids, and about getting my own garden spot started over the next few weeks. It’s going to be a good spring.
And as I drove to work with the raindrops hitting the windshield, I realized that Mother Nature was watering Clyde’s garden for us.