Tanganyika Wildlife Park names new director


GODDARD – In a generational transition effective immediately, Tanganyika Wildlife Park has named Matt Fouts as its new director.
Tanganyika Wildlife Park began decades ago as a breeding facility, which was Jim Fouts’ dream. When the Fouts family started backyard tours in 2000, the focus started to shift to what Tanganyika’s primary mission is today: to strengthen the connection between people and the natural world.
Beginning this month, Jim Fouts has announced his retirement. He will remain on Tanganyika’s board of directors.
Managerial and operational responsibilities will be passed on to his son, Matt Fouts, new park director and leader of Tanganyika’s team of keepers.
The generational transfer of management is a major transition for Tanganyika Wildlife Park.
Jim’s vision was to create a world-class breeding facility, and he achieved that. Matt said his dream is to build upon what his father started and create a world-class environment where people can come to connect with the natural world and find a bit of themselves while doing that.
Matt grew up with endangered wildlife in his back yard, such as his childhood buddy, Coach, the kangaroo. He has a degree in business and management.
The park plans to
Future plans for the park include lodging options such as a bed and breakfast, a safari park slated to open in 2022, and a safari camp.
“More and more travelers, who want to take advantage of all the animal experiences we offer, so they are visiting for two days. We want to accommodate them with additional unique lodging,” said Matt.
In 2020, Tanganyika Falls, a 5,000-square-foot splash park, was installed. Plans are to add three new bungalows for birthdays, multi-family gatherings, and small events. They will feature TVs, bar service, cooler, private storage, and more. There will also be an area for food trucks.
The Courtyard at Tanganyika, which is next to Tanganyika Falls, will be completed with new evening lighting, a stage, and sound so that it can serve as an outdoor venue for weddings and corporate functions, and will include a VIP lounge.
“I have helped build Tanganyika from day one, so I am excited and confident that I can continue to help it thrive,” said Matt. “But that doesn’t mean I am not a little nervous. It’s kind of like driving your parent’s car by yourself for the first time.”
More more information, visit ​www.twpark.com. The park opens its 2021 season on March 13.