Big shoes to fill for Clearwater City Council


By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

CLEARWATER – The Clearwater City Coucnil will have an open seat going into the new year.
David Cook, the son of Yvonne Coon, sent a notification to the city stating that she was no longer a resident of Clearwater. By law, city council members must be residents of the city.
Clearwater Mayor Burt Ussery asked council members to send him information for any person the members would like him to consider.
“I will reach out to every person,” said Ussery. “I will make contact, I will have discussions with each one of them and will bring a candidate or candidates to the governing body, probably the second meeting in January.”
Ussery’s appointment must be confirmed by the city council. Coon’s seat is slated to be on the ballot in 2021; the person appointed to the seat must stand for re-election then.
The council has been aware of Coon’s absence for about a year, but the council “waited and prayed, and the situation is what the situation is,” said Ussery, without providing additional details.
“I have talked to the family; I’ve talked to David. He knows this is going on, and they fully support it. They are very appreciative of everything we have done and even the time we took to fill it. They have absolutely no problem with this and they agree 100 percent,” said city administrator Ron Marsh.
In other business:
• The council approved upgrading two lifts stations for the second phase of the Park Glen Estates development. Developer Sean Weaver has declined to contribute the cost of one pump based on a change of circumstances and additional competition coming from a city-owned development. The city approved the additional expenses associated with the replacement.
• A salary resolution was approved that gives city employees a 3 percent raise, as approved in the city budget.
• Council members approved a resolution on new city fees. It includes a 1 percent increase in water and sewer fees, increases the fee for a special purpose vehicle from $10 to $25, and includes a new sidewalk cafe fee.
• Cereal malt beverage licenses were approved by the city council, with Chris Griffin voting no.
• The council approved the purchase of UHF radios needed for the fire department. The cost was $5,087 for 10 radios.
• Personnel policies pertaining to sick and vacation time were modified, allowing for more flexibility in how time is used and accrued. The modified policy was approved unanimously.
• The city sign at the intersection of K-42 Highway and 135th Street West will be removed until a new location can be found. The sign sits on private property.