Random Thoughts: I don’t know what I’m getting, but I do know it’s great


By Travis Mounts, managing editor

I’m getting a Christmas present that’s going to be pretty cool.
I have no idea what I’m getting. All I know is that it is coming from my oldest son, Isaac, and that it is a pretty good gift.
In fact, it’s such a good gift that it is now a used gift. We were talking on the phone the other night, and he told me I was going to really like it.
He knew this, he told me, because after he ordered it and it was delivered, he had to check it out. And use it. And keep using it.
Whatever it is, it’s so good that he’s keeping the first one and has ordered a second one. It is supposed to arrive in time for Christmas.
If it doesn’t, he has offered to give me his – the one that was supposed to be mine. Yep, if delivery takes too long, I can have a perfectly fine used Christmas present.
I told him I would be fine waiting for the unused, unsullied version of whatever it is that he loves so much that he kept it for himself.
When we talked about this the other day, I didn’t take any notes and my mind was in five different places, so I can’t tell you with any accuracy what exactly we said to each other. But I got a big chuckle out of the exchange. In fact, it was the highlight of my day.
And I’m getting a column out of this entire thing, so in a way you can say I’m already enjoying my wonderful Christmas present.
Whatever it is that I’m getting on Christmas Day. If it arrives in time.

• • • • •

Over the past week, we were gifted with some neat story ideas that are perfect for Christmas time.
I thoroughly enjoyed my phone visit with young Clarksly Zahradnik.
This is the young lady who was worried about other kids not having Christmas presents. The 8-year-old wanted to do something, and decided to have a bake sale to raise about $200. Except everyone, it seems, loved the idea, and with the help of her mom and other family members, raised $3,500 and was able to go town to town, scooping up all the angels left on local angel trees.
Meanwhile, Kelly Kennedy and Steve Crum got recruited into action after COVID-19 sidelined the trolley used to collect items for Paxton’s Blessing Boxes. There are more than 40 in the Wichita area, including a handful in and around Haysville.
Kennedy and Crum are two of the owners of the Arrowhead Express, a small school bus that has been repainted in honor of the Kansas City Chiefs football team. The bright red bus drew the attention of many during a collection drive Saturday in Wichita, and many people went and got donations after stopping by just to see what was happening.
And we have a story from our publisher, Paul Rhodes, about the hard work going on behind the scenes at our local post offices. Our friends and neighbors who work at these post offices will be working right up to Christmas – and maybe on Christmas – to deliver gifts and make sure that gifts reach their intended destinations during this COVID-impacted holiday.
If you are looking for a story (or three) to help pick up your Christmas spirits, we have them this week.