From the Editor’s Files: Moving ahead in a topsy-turvy world


By Paul Rhodes, editor and publisher

This past week was the longest year I’ve ever endured.
I’m not kidding…it seems like a year has passed since Election Day, and that the fallout from this incredible week will take even longer to sift through. In reality, though, the facts are relatively simple to digest.
The citizens of the United States of America went to the polls, and they have elected a new president to serve our nation for the next four years. The voter turnout set a new record, with a little more than half of voters casting their ballots for Joe Biden, our former vice president and now president elect, and his running mate Kamala Harris. A little less than half of the voting public cast their ballots for Donald Trump, who has been our president for the past four years, along with vice president Mike Pence.
We are still a nation divided, and the numbers speak to that. We did not wake up the day after the election with a rainbow arched across the 50 states and a pot of gold at the other end.
Half of our country would say the rainbow never appeared. The other half would say the rainbow finally appeared this past Saturday, four days after the election, when Biden and Harris were declared the winners in the presidential election.
President-elect Biden took the stage Saturday night and said it’s time “to unite and to heal” our nation. He called for both political parties to work together for the good of our nation in months and years ahead.
If even a little bit of that can happen, there may just be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
No, I did not like President Trump, nor did I believe he was good for our nation. I know that many of you will disagree with me, and that’s okay. It’s important to remember, once again, that we are still a nation divided.
But before you send me anonymous hate mail, please consider this:
As the campaign for president unfolded this past year, I did not necessarily believe that Joe Biden was the magical answer to our national dilemma, which now has so many layers to it that an onion looks simple by comparison. Instead, I have grown to believe that maybe – just maybe – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can play a leading role in starting to bring this nation back together.
Politicians working together for the common good. Neighbors talking with neighbors, and chuckling about their political differences. Americans of all colors and nationalities accepting each other into the melting pot that the United States has always been.
This is the America that I grew up in, became a young voting adult in, matured as a businessman and community leader in, and now look ahead to retirement in. I want that America back, and I pray that the rebirth needed to reclaim that feeling can now begin to happen.
This past year brought us a pandemic that we were ill-prepared to handle, racial issues and inequality that demanded attention, and a political climate that did not foster resolve on any front.
It is time for a new beginning, and a new approach to our problems as a nation. Let’s give this new leadership team a chance to prove itself, and hopefully bring us along to better days in the process.
For goodness sake, it’s worth a try.