Haysville student medals at nationals


HAYSVILLE – Peyten Cooper, a Haysville student, brought home silver medals from the United Taekwondo Alliance National Championships, held in Tulsa on Saturday, Oct. 17.
Cooper, 16, a red belt in karate at Red Cape Martial Arts of Derby, placed in both empty hand and weapons patterns divisions.
Cooper performed Shinto for her empty hand pattern, and a creative nunchaku pattern, for second place in each category.
The UTA National Championships are organized annually by the United Taekwon-Do Alliance, a networking organization that offers rank certification, tournament competition, instructor certification, and training seminars. The UTA is committed to promoting unity for Taekwondo schools and organizations throughout the world.
In addition to the annual National Championship, the UTA also hosts an annual World Championship, to be held in Scotland in 2021.