Victims in deadly crash identified; injured child dies


Five people – and adult and four children – are now dead following an early evening crash Friday, Sept. 25, in southwest Sedgwick County. The accident involved a sport utility vehicle and a semi tractor pulling a grain trailer.

The driver of the SUV, Jessica Noel, 32, of Viola, and three of her children died at the scene of the accident. The children were named as Hank Thompson, Jeffrey Thompson III, and Anaiah Brady.

A fourth child, Mack Thompson, was transported to the hospital with critical injuries and later died.

The accident happened at the intersection of 71st Street South and 263rd Street South, which sits between Viola and Garden Plain, and is about five miles west of Clonmel. The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s depart reported that the accident happened when the driver of the semi, ran a stop sign at the rural intersection. Noel’s SUV collided with the trailer that Sprecht’s semi was pulling. The semi driver was not injured.

According to the sheriff’s report, the impact left the trailer in two sections.

Noel’s Ford Expedition was southbound on 263rd Street West. The semi was going east on 71st Street South. The Expedition came to rest in the southeast ditch. The accident was reported at 4:48 p.m. Friday.

This is not the first fatal accident to happen at that intersection, but it is not considered to be a high-accident area. However, this was the second accident to occur Friday at the intersection.

Another two-vehicle accident happened a little before 8 a.m. Friday. According to the sheriff’s report on the accident, Timothy Fullerton was northbound on 263rd Street West when an eastbound vehicle driven by Richard Sanderson ran the stop sign, causing Fullerton’s vehicle to collide with Sanderson’s vehicle.

Two passengers in Sanderson’s vehicle – Amanda Sanders and Max Sanders – were transported to a Wichita hospital with minor injuries. Fullerton refused transport to the hospital.

Sanderson was issued a citation.