Tennis roundup: Davis has undefeated week


By Sam Jack

In last week’s tennis action, Eisenhower High School sophomore Rachel Davis went undefeated through two events, winning the No. 2 singles bracket at the Valley Center Invitational on Sept. 8, then teaming up with Angela Davis to take first in No. 2 doubles at the Maize South Invitational Sept. 14.
There were a couple of cancelations last week: Conway Springs had been scheduled to play at Valley Center Sept. 8 but ended up staying home. Goddard was dropped from the Sept. 12 Salina Central invitational, but has replaced that event with an invitational at Eisenhower on Sept. 28.
Conway Springs and Eisenhower competed in a quadrangular at Conway Springs on Tuesday. Conway Springs is slated to play at Kingman on Saturday and at Hesston Sept. 22.
Goddard hosted an invitational on Tuesday. The Lions will play at Arkansas City this Thursday, Sept. 17, and at Collegiate Sept. 22.
The Campus Colts are slated to play at Andover this Thursday, at Goddard Sept. 19, at home Sept. 21, and at Winfield Sept. 24. The Colts’ upcoming home meet starts at 3 p.m.

Campus HS
Newton Invitational, Sept. 8
Jada Featherby: Featherby def. Hain (Andover Central), 7-5. Sebits (Wichita Trinity) def. Featherby, 7-0. Hamm (Newton) def. Featherby, 7-5.
Rachel Reichenberg: Sinclair (Andover) def. Reichenberg, 7-0. Robinson (Salina Central) def. Reichenberg, 7-5.
Kaitlyn Gulledge/Savannah Schmidt: Campus def. Derby (Ulwelling/Hale), 7-3. Andover (Tan/Ali) def. Campus, 7-3. Wichita Trinity (Dunn/Majors) def. Campus, 7-5.
Logan Johnson/Gabby Stauffer: Andover Central (Messenger/Biddle) def. Campus, 7-1. Salina Central (Turpin/Nutter) def. Campus, 7-3. Derby (Ulwelling/Hale) def. Campus, 7-0.

Campus Invitational, Sept. 14
No. 1 singles, Rachel Reichenberg: Campus def. Arkansas City (Hodges), 8-3. Hutchinson (Foster) def. Campus, 8-0. McPherson (Witte) def. Campus, 8-1. Collegiate (Murphy) def. Campus, 8-0.
No. 2 singles, Jada Featherby: Campus def. Arkansas City, 8-0. Hutchinson def. Campus, 8-0. McPherson def. Campus, 8-2. Collegiate def. Campus, 8-3.
No. 1 doubles, Kaitlyn Gulledge/Savannah Schmidt: Campus def. Arkansas City, 8-1. Hutchinson def. Campus, 8-3. McPherson def. Campus, 8-2. Campus def. Collegiate, 8-6.
No. 2 doubles, Taybor Rardin/Marissa Aulback: Arkansas City def. Campus, 8-7(5). Campus lost subsequent matches by default.

Conway Springs HS
Emporia Invitational, Sept. 12
Molly Bender: Bender def. Weir-Dowd (Derby), 8-4. Harkin (Manhattan) def. Bender, 8-0. Ward (St. James) def. Bender, 8-5. Agpoon (Derby) def. Bender, 8-2. 8th place.
Loren May: May def. Tantemsomboom (Andover), 8-2. Lei (Manhattan) def. May, 8-0. May def. Agpoon (Derby), 8-5. Ward (St. James) def. May, 8-7(2). 6th place.
Lucy Boyles/Haylee Osner: Derby (Towns/Yager) def. CS, 8-0. Manhattan (Bahr/Lohman) def. CS, 8-7(5). Emporia (Dix/Velasquez) def. CS, 8-7(3). 8th place.
Allyson Lange/Adrienne May: Emporia (Dix/Velasquez) def. CS, 8-6. CS def. Derby (Hale/Ulwelling), 8-5. St. James (Kurland/Book) def. CS, 8-2. 10th place.
Team results: 1. Manhattan 54; 2. Andover 53; 3. St. James 47; 4. Conway Springs 36; 5. Derby 35; 6. Emporia 27.

Eisenhower HS
Valley Center Invitational, Sept. 8
No. 1 singles, Annabelle Aldrete: EHS def. Salina South (Daily), 8-6. Maize South (Kurniaidi) def. EHS, 8-4. EHS def. Valley Center (Taylor), 8-2.
No. 2 singles, Rachel Davis: EHS def. Salina South (Baird), 8-2. EHS def. Maize South (Russell), 8-7(0). EHS def. Maize (Topping), 8-0.
No. 1 doubles, Alana Ewertt/Emma O’Keefe: Salina South def. EHS, 8-1. EHS def. Maize South, 8-4. EHS def. Valley Center, 8-7(6).
No. 2 doubles, Leila Kral/Leah Wilkinson: Salina South def. EHS, 8-2. EHS def. Maize South, 8-2. Bishop Carroll def. EHS, 8-6.
Team: Third place, 12 points.

Maize South Invitational, Sept. 14
No. 1 singles, Emma O’Keefe: Stranghoner (Bishop Carroll) def. O’Keefe, 8-0. Camp (Winfield) def. O’Keefe, 8-1. O’Keefe def. Tos (Maize South), 8-5. Jackson (Pratt) def. O’Keefe, 8-2. 6th place.
No. 2 singles, Tinsley Cross: Varenhorst (Collegiate) def. Cross, 8-4. Cross def. Kramer (Goddard), 8-6. Russell (Maize South) def. Cross, 8-1. Jackson (Pratt) def. Cross, 8-1. 8th place.
No. 1 doubles, Elyse Bozarth/McKenna Jilka: Collegiate (Conrad/Nichols) def. EHS, 8-2. Maize South (Sellens/Wilkinson) def. EHS, 8-2. EHS def. Pratt (Holmes/Heredia), 8-0. Maize South (O’Brien/Kratzer) def. EHS, 8-2. 6th place.
No. 2 doubles, Angela Davis/Rachel Davis: EHS def. Goddard (Johnson/Young), 8-0. EHS def. Maize South (Lies/Osterhout), 8-1. EHS def. Pratt (Sterling/Sharp), 8-0. EHS def. Bishop Carroll (Steven/Weber), 8-7(1). 1st place.
Team: 6th place, 12 points.

Goddard HS
Maize South Invitational, Sept. 14
No. 1 singles, Kiersten Kreuzberg: Steven (Bishop Carroll) def. Kreuzberg, 8-0. Jackson (Pratt) def. Kreuzberg, 8-0. Kurniadi (Maize South) def. Kreuzberg, 7-0 INJ.
No. 2 singles, Kori Kramer: Russell (Maize South) def. Kramer, 8-1. Cross (Eisenhower) def. Kramer, 8-6. Kramer def. Varenhorst (Collegiate), 8-5. Kramer def. McCann (Maize South), 8-5. Fifth place.
No. 1 doubles, Raegan LeFevre/Alyssa Rising: Goddard def. Maize South (O’Brien/Kratzer), 8-5. Bishop Carroll (Lubbers/Lubbers) def. Goddard, 8-2. Goddard def. Winfield (Karr/Priest), 8-2. Maize South (Sellens/Wilkinson) def. Goddard, 8-2. Fourth place.
No. 2 doubles, Emma Johnson/Amelia Young: Eisenhower (Davis/Davis) def. Goddard, 8-0. Goddard def. Pratt (Sterling/Sharp), 8-2. Maize South (Lies/Osterhout) def. Goddard, 8-7(3). Collegiate (Rai/Overton) def. Goddard, 8-3. Sixth place.
Team: 7th place, 9 points.