Letter to the editor: Reader applauds local columns, but not guest columnist


I always hold my breath before reading editorials and opinion pieces from here in the great State of Kansas.

Luckily and happily I’ve learned that “From the Editor’s Files” and “Random Thoughts” will be worthwhile reads. Not pushing the envelope but not shying away from topics that have people putting on their boxing gloves.

Your piece on George Floyd (“From the Editor’s Files,” June 11) – well, just let me say “thank you,” especially for not having a “but” statement in any way, shape or form. Some acts are so heinous, any waffling has no place in the conversation.

So after applauding you on no “buts,” I will now voice one – please, never, ever print anything by Dane Hicks again. Mr. Hicks has the privilege of a platform from which he could be helping his readership understand what ‘defunding the police’ encompasses, primarily moving public funds from purchases for military equipment and training, to social services which would support the police so they are not left to respond to domestic and mental health situations which do not require the use of guns and a show of force.

It is the unfortunate promotion of theatrics over substance, and sadly in this case by the editor of a newspaper, that has no place in fostering a democratic union which is a fragile form of government. It is much easier to bully and dominate the populace than to listen to all sides, work toward a compromise, and then make what your like and what you dislike work for everyone.

Please know that prior to writing to you, I went to the Anderson County Review website and read other articles posted by Mr. Hicks. I can only say thank you for not printing any of them. I admit you chose the least offensive, but that is not saying much. “Quick Batman…” was a textbook case of insidious, systemic racist comments, and the other articles on the ACR website were overt and outright racist commentary. Disheartened and exhausted, I believe I will Google Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and read some of his writings.

Thank you for the opportunity to state my views.

Victoria S. Denton,
Wichita (formerly Conway Springs)