Argonia seeks someone to run local rodeos

Argonia is looking for a group to take over managing the community’s two rodeos.

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

New managers are needed for the two annual rodeos held in Argonia.

Plains Church stepped down from planning in August but not in time for the city of Argonia to adjust its 2020 budget to accommodate. The Argonia City Council discussed the issue during its monthly council meeting on Jan. 6.

“We’ve got to find a way to keep it. That’s 100 percent my goal,” said city clerk Tara Pierce.

Pierce handles several of the city’s events, including the Argonia Days festival. Pierce said it would likely be too much to organize both the festival and the rodeo and will need another group to help manage it. Pierce has been in contact with Kraft Rodeo as they were needing an answer about which rodeos the city would be able to find a host. Kraft needs to finalize its calendar.

At the time of the meeting, no volunteers had stepped forward to manage the rodeo. Members of the council also discussed the need for repairs at the rodeo grounds if they were to continue with the annual events. Pierce will be gathering more information about the cost of repairs and will bring that information to the council at its next meeting.

Last Thursday, Pierce met with a member of he Conway Springs Development Foundation (CSDF) to see if there would be interest in managing the rodeos. More discussions are needed to determine CSDF’s ability to handle the rodeos. Any groups interested in helping the city of Argonia keep the rodeos should contact Pierce at Argonia City Hall.