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The Getaway opens in Garden Plain with new owner

GARDEN PLAIN – The Getaway Lounge is back in business.

The longtime downtown Garden Plain business reopened on Friday, Nov. 8, and has been busy since then, according to owner Asher Joseph.

Joseph was out one night with his niece and her husband, who live in Garden Plain, and they began talking about The Getaway. It was a place Joseph had been to before.

“One thing lead to another,” he said, and soon he was in contact with the previous owners.

A deal was struck, and soon work began on getting the business back open. When customers walk in, the place is immediately familiar. But a lot of work went in to get the bar and grill ready for business again. They pulled everything out of the kitchen and replaced the fryers. The bathrooms and ceiling were redone, and some roof work was needed.

This is not their first restaurant effort. Joseph also owns Champs Bar and Grill in Wichita. That place was owned by the father of Jason Durham, one of Joseph’s partners. The Durham family operated Champs for more than 20 years.


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“His dad wanted to get out of the business,” Joseph said. The transition was easy, and they’ve been operating Champs for more than two years.

They’re also getting ready to open another business. The Goat will be a nightclub in the Delano District in Wichita, focusing on Wichita’s subculture. Think tattoos and skateboards, among other things.

There are a lot of similarities between The Getaway and Champs. The staff from Champs played a big role in getting The Getaway open, and staff can easily help out at one location or the other.

Last Friday, The Getaway sent somebody to the Garden Plain Owls football game at Hoisington and streamed the game back to the Getaway.

“You couldn’t even stand,” Joseph said. He said they plan to do that more, recognizing how important sports is to a family community like Garden Plain.

The Getaway is open at 11 a.m. seven days a week. It stays open until 2 a.m. on weekends and until midnight on weekdays. They are active on social media, with pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Call 316-535-5002 for more information.

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