Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

A camel, a donkey and a cow were spotted Sunday afternoon out for a stroll on the east edge of Goddard. A cheeky post on Facebook from the Goddard Police Department searching for the animals’ owner went viral.

Camel, donkey, cow stroll through neighborhood


By Travis Mounts
The Times-Sentinel

GODDARD – Social media was buzzing Sunday at a photograph of a camel, donkey and cow seen walking through a Goddard neighborhood.

A post by the Goddard Police Department looking for the owners went viral, thanks in part to seasonal commentary by the PD.

“Does anyone know the owners of these three friends traveling together (towards a Northern star) just East of Goddard? If we can not locate the owner, we may be halfway towards a live nativity this Christmas season,” the post read. An update later stated that the owner of the animals had been found.

The Times-Sentinel did its part, asking if anyone had a manger.


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Sheri Williams was one of those who saw the animal trio out for a stroll.

“Was a shock walking out of my house to see this! They were very gentle,” she posted.

With the Christmas season starting soon, the tone of the Goddard Police Department’s comment helped the post go viral.

And go viral, it did. Police Chief Fred Farris said the post had been reached more than 100,000. As of Monday afternoon, it had nearly 800 shares. In addition, Farris was fielding calls throughout the day Monday, including from a news organization in London. The Associated Press picked up on the story, which helped get the story out to dozens, if not hundreds, of news organizations.

“It’s all over the place,” Farris said. The story was picked up by Kansas City-area media. Farris, who previously worked in Lenexa, heard from many friends and colleagues there.

Goddard police later posted that the owner had been located. The animals were not escapees from Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Instead, they belong to a Goddard area resident who lives near where the animals were spotted, in the 16100 block of West Highway 54.