Conway Springs to seek liquidated damages from water contractor


By Paul Rhodes

The City of Conway Springs has agreed to seek liquidated damages from one of the contractors involved with the water improvement project in Conway Springs.

At their meeting last week, members of the Conway Springs City Council voted 4-1 in favor of a motion to proceed with liquidated damages against Orr Wyatt Streetscapes, a company out of the Kansas City area that was involved with the water line project. Council member Jan Wiseley voted against the motion, saying the city should meet with the contractor and the engineer for the project one more time before proceeding with damages.

Council members noted that the city is still receiving complaints from residents about the conditions of their yards following the water line work around the community. They said the company is well past the extension of time it was given to complete a punch list for the project.


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Under its contract with the city of Conway Springs, Orr Wyatt had a deadline to complete its work around the community. City officials said the company is months past that deadline, and now the city has the option of charging the company damages on a per day basis.

At their meeting last week, council members noted that the liquidated damages could be in excess of $45,000. If the city is able to recoup liquidated damages, it could use the funds to help resolve problems with the company’s workmanship around the city.

In addition, city officials also want to get a final walkthrough on where fire hydrants are now located in the community.

In other business at last week’s meeting, the council:

• Approved a loan agreement between the city and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for the wastewater improvement project that will be starting now that the water line improvement project is nearing completion. The council approved Ordinance 1900 that ties into the KDHE loan.

• Approved a contract with EMPAC, for an employee assistance program with the city.

• Added Jason Wedner to the EMS roster.

• Approved the purchase of four more radios for the fire department, not to exceed $3,500.

• Heard a report on the outdoor warning siren, which is now working.

• Heard a report on the fire department’s tanker truck, which is in the shop for repairs.

• Approved repairs to pagers for the fire department, with the estimated cost being around $400.

• Approved a motion to seek bids for a new fire truck for the city, and agreed to have Mayor Jessica Gerlach explore loan options for the new truck.

• Heard a report on a water line break inside the water treatment plant. Repairs were scheduled for the next day.

• Discussed a customer water leak, and agreed to reimburse the customer for $60 on their water bill.

• Appointed Jeanie Dennett to the Conway Springs Library Board and accepted the resignation of Cara Leahy from the board.

• Approved letting the fire department use a house the city owns for training. After the training work, the city will seek bids to demolish the house. A carport on the property will be sold.

• Discussed the upcoming census and the possibility of bringing in someone to train census workers for the city’s portion of the census process.