Clearwater recognizes Papish for service

Mayor Burt Ussery recognizes longtime Clearwater City Council member Laura Papish for her public service. Papish is not seeking re-election.

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin
The Times-Sentinel

The Clearwater City Council recognized council member Laura Papish for her service to the community during the council meeting held on Oct 22. Papish has held a seat on the council since 2011 and has served as council president since 2013. She is not seeking re-election and this was her last meeting before leaving for travel.

“I have been here for seven years now and every moment you have been here with me. It’s just made this so much more meaningful and joyful to have someone who cares about our community the way you do and who has served faithfully the way you have. As we all look to the next generation of the city council we all know we are replaceable, but you my friend, it is going to be very difficult to do that,” said Mayor Burt Ussery.

In other business:

• During department updates, the council was informed that a car stolen in Clearwater in January had been recovered. The car was abandoned in an apartment complex in Wichita with no damage and the owner was able to drive the vehicle home.

• City maintenance was asked about the road buckling near Prospect and Ross. Ernie Misak informed the council this was a county road and he would notify them for repairs.

• The council approved the sale of one acre of property to Andy Jacobs for the amount of $3,333.

• The expansion of the Park Glen housing addition was discussed. A new entrance will be required and options were discussed on how to most effectively achieve that. No binding action was taken.