Fans turn bus into ‘Arrowhead Express’

A new coat of paint helped turn an ordinary school bus into the “Arrowhead Express,” which will carry area Kansas City Chiefs fans to games at Arrowhead Stadium.

By Sam Jack
Haysville Sun-Times


A local group of passionate Kansas City Chiefs fans has purchased a former school bus and turned it into the “Arrowhead Express.”

The group purchased the bus after it aged out of service in the Buhler school district. They painted it red, and they are continuing to work on Chiefs decorations and signage.

The bus took its inaugural journey to Arrowhead Stadium during the preseason. The plan is to continue driving it to and from Kansas City for each home game.

“There’s six of us going all the time, and we’re not small people,” said Steve Crum. “We were having to rent a vehicle for every game, and then unload everything and get the vehicle back to the airport. With this, we don’t have a problem. We have our own seats, we can get up and move around, and it’s just so much better.”

Seven local Chiefs fans went in together to buy a short bus and turn it into the “Arrowhead Express.” The group is pictured with former Chiefs Shawn Barber (59) and Mike Bell (99).

Crum, who teaches computer science at Nelson Elementary, has been going to Chiefs games for more than 20 years, as have two other bus co-owners, Kelly Kennedy and Barry McGuire.

Kennedy and McGuire are also USD 261 employees. The other members of the Arrowhead Express crew are Crum’s son, Tracy; Kennedy’s son-in-law, James Rickner; Campus High School assistant principal Brian Howard; and John Reed.

“Needless to say, we’re big Chiefs fans,” Steve Crum said. “Going to the games, we just make so many memories, and we have a good time with each other.

“We sat by this one family for probably 10 years, and then we went ahead and upgraded our seats. The next year, they moved right down by us, so we’re in the same row again with the same people.”

On game days, the group leaves Haysville at 6 a.m. in order to be at Arrowhead in time for tailgating. They often don’t get home until 8:30 p.m. Kennedy, McGuire and Steve Crum also travel at least once a year to watch a Chiefs away game.

“We’ve been to Indy, New Orleans, Denver, Dallas. This year, we’re going to Detroit. But none of the stadiums even come close to what Arrowhead is like,” Crum said. “The atmosphere is unbelievable.”

The Arrowhead Express is far from the only “Chiefs-mobile.” There are usually dozens anchoring tailgate parties outside the stadium. “But as far as we know, we may be the only one in the Wichita area,” Crum said. “In all the years we’ve been going, we’ve never seen a bus going there from here.”

Two former Chiefs players, two current Chiefs cheerleaders, play-by-play announcer Mitch Holthus, and Dan Meers (the person inside the K.C. Wolf mascot outfit) have signed the ceiling of the Arrowhead Express. The group plans to keep collecting signatures from Chiefs affiliates, hopefully including current players.

Kansas City Chiefs radio announcer Mitch Holthus, third from left, joins the owners of the Arrowhead Express.