They were prepared: Haysville scout among those helping Garden Plain woman after crash

Holly Rockers said she owes her life to Boy Scouts leader Michael Seay, left, and three scouts who were driving to Quivira Scout Ranch. Pictured from left are Michael Seay, Jackson Jones, Rockers, Anthony Seay and Reece Renteria.

By Sam Jack
Haysville Sun-Times

On June 18, Garden Plain Elementary teacher Holly Rockers was driving on Highway 400, on her way home from Fredonia. In heavy rain, she lost control of her vehicle, hydroplaned into the opposite ditch, hit a culvert and flipped over.
As soon as her vehicle flipped, water started pouring in around her. She was disoriented and couldn’t get her seatbelt unbuckled. It was all she could do to keep her head above water.
“I remember thinking, ‘This is the end, this is it.’ And I said, ‘God save me.’ I remember hearing my horn start honking, and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up, laying in the grass, with people standing around me,” Rockers said.


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Rockers later learned that a vehicle carrying Boy Scouts, including Jackson Jones of Haysville, came upon the site of her crash. The group was headed to Quivira Scout Ranch near Sedan.
Scout leader Michael Seay ended up cutting Rockers’ seatbelt, using a pocket knife provided by his son, Anthony, and pulling her from her vehicle. The other scouts called 911.
Thanks to quick action from Seay and the Boy Scouts, Rockers escaped with only minor injuries.
“If it wasn’t for him (Seay), I wouldn’t be here,” Rockers said. “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that they saved my life.”
On June 25, Rockers and the Boy Scouts met in Riverside Park.
“When I first saw them, I just hugged them very tight, and I told them that they were my guardian angels,” she said. “I said, ‘We’re connected forever now. You’ve got me in your corner.’”