Dairy Queen gets a warm welcome

Customers place their orders in the new Dairy Queen in Goddard.

Editor’s note: This jump of this story was inadvertently left out of the Jan. 3 print edition of The Times-Sentinel. The story appears here in its entirety, and will be reprinted in the Jan. 10 edition.


By Sam Jack

GODDARD – Goddard’s new Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, located next to Murphy Express and just north of the Goddard Walmart, has been well-patronized since it opened Dec. 11.

“Everyone in town and in the area wants to be here,” said Jeff Pinney, who, along with his wife, Jana Pinney, launched the new location. “My wife is from Kingman, and not a day goes by where there aren’t 10 or 12 people from Kingman in here. We’ve had a group of girls from Cheney who come in about 8 o’clock, three times a week; this is their hangout now. Clearwater, Colwich – they’re showing up.”

The Pinneys, who also own Dairy Queen locations in Hays, Maize and Wichita, repeatedly asked Dairy Queen’s corporate leaders to approve a new franchise in Goddard, starting in 2015.

“Then last July, Jana and I had two days off, so we came out here and sat and counted cars,” Pinney said. “Dairy Queen came out here and did the same, and told us they were going to go ahead and approve it.”

Dairy Queen offers a variety of treats, including a freezer case full of cakes and Dilly Bars to take home. But the biggest sellers are Blizzards, chicken strips and hamburgers.

“Those are the big three, probably 75 percent of everything we sell,” Pinney said.

Of the Dairy Queen employees who are still in high school, about half to go Eisenhower and half to Goddard. Pinney is still looking to hire additional daytime help.

“We’re just happy to be here,” Pinney said. He is looking forward to additional commercial development in the area, which he hopes will draw more customers from west Wichita.

The Goddard Dairy Queen, 18503 W. Kellogg, is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Jeff Pinney (above) and his wife, Jana, tried for years to open a Dairy Queen in Goddard. They finally got approval from Dairy Queen corporate, and Goddard’s new DQ opened Dec. 11.