New water tower rises above Conway Springs

Workers piece together the new water tower in Conway Springs.

By Sam Jack

Conway Springs’ new water tower is rising. The tower’s metal frame had mostly been erected as of last Friday, with only the very top piece left to place.

“With that much metal, they have to wait for a calm day before they set that up there,” said Patrick Keeler, construction inspector with engineering firm Wilson and Company. “The winds are a deciding factor on that.”

The tower will hold 300,000 gallons of water.

Keeler said construction crews are making good progress on both the tower and the new water treatment plant, which will remove nitrate pollution.

“The projected start-up date is the first part of December, for the water treatment plant,” Keeler said. “Usually, when they do that, they do a couple test runs first to make sure everything’s up and running.”


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The treatment plant looks complicated, but its function is simple, Keeler said: Nitrate-laden water comes in, and water with an acceptable nitrate level comes out.

The new water tower will come online after being painted, both inside and outside. When that can get done will also depend on the weather.

Two lagoons outside the plant will be used only if something goes wrong.

“Basically, if they have a bad test, they can shift the water out there to dispose of it,” Keeler said. “Then it either evaporates off, or someone comes in and pumps it out to dispose of it properly.”