Clearwater family photo captures special moment

Local photographer Ashley Patton captured this image during a family photo session with Nick and Crystal Cotton and their daughter, Lakin.

CLEARWATER – On Friday, Oct. 26, local photographer Ashley Patton was in a field with the Cotton family – Nick, Crystal and Lakin – for a photo session.
Fortuitously, a young deer wandered into the foreground of one of Patton’s shots. In the resulting photo, the Cottons can be seen shushing Lincoln in order to avoid startling the deer.

The deer in the photo likely has a reduced fear of humans because Crystal Cotton’s cousin rescued it – and later released it back into the wild – after its mother was struck by a car.

“The deer kind of followed us around the property while we were doing photos and happened to walk through at that point,” Patton said. “I quietly took that photo, and it just happened to be perfect. It was awesome.”