Goddard Woman’s Club to unveil historic collection

GODDARD – On Sunday, Oct. 21, the Goddard Woman’s Club will hold a workshop, “Preserving Our History and Yours.”

The event will include the unveiling of the club’s newly digitized and preserved collection of historical documents, scrapbooks, press books and project books from 1933 to the early 1970s.

The workshop will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Goddard Public Library. A display of the books and a presentation on the process of preservation will be given.

The collection documents how the women of a small town in Kansas responded to local, state, national, and world events. Images of most of the club’s books are now available for free, digital viewing at www.KansasMemory.org. Meeting minutes and other items will be presented there as digitization is completed.


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The collection is of regional interest, as women from several surrounding towns have been members throughout the years. It was literally crumbling when the club applied for and received a preservation grant from Humanities Kansas.

The grant money was used to pay a stipend for a heritage consultant, and to purchase proper archival storage materials. The club sought advice from the Kansas Historical Society, and the society’s interest in the collection led them to offer digitization services at no cost to the club.

Archive analyst Melissa Thompson will be on hand at the library event to give advice on digitizing and preserving personal items. Participants are invited to bring their items – no more than five different types – to hear best practices in their handling. The library will also feature its genealogy resources that are available to the public.

The Goddard Woman’s Club will share pieces of its history at a workshop, “Preserving Our History and Yours.” The Sunday workshop will showcase the club’s newly digitized and preserved collection of historical items.

“We invite the community, and especially members and their family members, past and present,” said club member Lisa Stoller. “There have been 202 members to date.  It has been difficult to locate family of our original members. We ask the community’s help in inviting them to the event and making them aware of the collection on Kansas Memory. Some of these ladies had a tremendously positive impact on the community, with decades of service.”

The club would like help locating family of the following original members; the number of years the ladies were in the club follows their names: Dorothy Holm – 71, Clara Ottaway – 65, Thelma Miller – 63, Margaret Hubbard – 63, Isabella Whetzel – 47, JoAnn Pfister – 44, Ruth Wunsch – 41, Evelyn Wilson – 41, Jackie Rundell, – 40, Margaret Ann Brown – 38, Thelma White – 37, Virginia Burdge – 36, Garnett Robinson – 32, Nettie Dyke – 32, LaVina Tharp – 30.

For more information, email Stoller at goddardwomansclubGFWC@gmail.com