Conway Springs: Osner honored in ‘Mango Mania’

Project raised funds to help African school

Karlee Osner, daughter of Hired Man’s Grocery & Grill owners Jenny and Clint Osner, received an honorable mention in the Mango Mania Display Contest, sponsored by the National Mango Board.

At Hired Man’s, Karlee set up a display with mangoes and educated customers about how to eat and cut the fruits. At the same time, she collected money for a school in Rwanda called Monsignor Felicien Mubiligi Catholic Technical Secondary School.

“Since Karlee’s service project was geared toward raising funds for this school in Rwanda, for their Fruit Tree Project, this contest was perfect to enter, in the hopes (that) if she did win, she could donate her cash prize to the project,” Jenny Osner said. “If customers donated money to her project, Karlee gave them a free mango.”

The honorable mention came with a $200 cash prize, which went to the Rwandan school along with other donated funds.

Karlee connected with the Rev. Denis Kiyenje, the director of the school, after a missionary priest visited the Osners’ home parish. Kiyenje sent a message describing how he and his students will use the money Karlee raised.

“Our students have been always longing to have as many fruits as possible to be part of their diet; now God has answered their prayers,” Kiyenje wrote. “Mangoes are really loved here; they are part of the most common fruits loved by everyone. The donation is going to help us plant more mangoes and other fruit trees in our school garden.”

Kiyenje said that this is the right time of year to plant fruit trees in Rwanda, and he intends to buy and plant them soon.

Karlee is planning more ways to raise funds for Kiyenje’s school in order to continue the fruit garden project. Her goal is to send another check next season so that the school can plant even more fruit trees.

“Sending money to Father Denis and his students in Rwanda is an amazing feeling,” Karlee said. “It’s nice to know that I am helping people across the world by helping them plant fruit trees as a food source.”

Karlee Osner poses for a photo with her mango display at Hired Man’s Grocery & Grill. She won an honorable mention in a national “Mango Mania” contest and donated her cash prize to help a school in Rwanda plant fruit trees.