Spring View Manor employee retires after 38 years

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

After spending 38 years working at Spring View Manor in Conway Springs, Janice May retired Thursday, Sept. 20.
May started her career in the medical field working for Copeland in Wichita, but soon found her priorities shifting as she began to build her family.
“I started having babies and I wanted to be available if they needed me,” said May.
In order to stay close to home, May took a position with Spring View Manor on March 6, 1980, working second shift. May says Spring View was an easy place to work because the staff all worked together.
“I had the best boss in the world,” said May.
May credits her success to her mentor, Virginia Winter. Winter opened and built Spring View Manor in 1964. Together May and Winter attended over 800 resident funerals together as their way of showing respect to those for whom they had provided care.
“The residents became like family to us. This was our way of showing love and respect to them and their families,” said May.
May says she had it easy for the 38 years she worked at Spring View and is grateful for the 35 years she was able to work alongside her mentor. She said it was easy because of who she worked with. She plans to continue to work with family as she transitions into a potential new role with her daughter-in-law’s company, Sarah Jane’s Salsa.
“I’m going to try to help in whatever capacity they’ll have me,” May said.