Longtime Argonia friends welcome babies on same day

Dillan and Shannon (McCoy) Kuehny, left, and Autumm and Lane Greene hold their babies at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. The babies were born on the same day, and had the same due dates.

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

Argonia high school graduates and family friends Lane Greene and Shannon (McCoy) Kuehny were surprised on Wednesday, Aug. 29, when they arrived with their spouses at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita to deliver their babies.

Greene’s wife, Autumm, was scheduled for an induction, and Kuehny and her husband, Dillan, arrived for their scheduled C-section. Both babies had been due on Aug. 27 and were past their due dates, and were scheduled to deliver on the same day as well.

“It was a total coincidence,” said Shannon.


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Both Lane and Shannon grew up in Argonia and have been friends since middle school. Their parents are friends, and Lane’s mother, Richelle Green, says they are still “travel buddies,”

Shannon is two years younger than Lane, and over the years the friends have spent less time together as they went to college and married. Lane and Autumm moved to Wichita; Shannon and Dillan moved to Caldwell.

“It’s hard to get together now that we are older,” said Shannon.

The families were unaware that the they were scheduled to deliver their babies on the same day.

“It was so much fun, I was so excited,” said Shannon. “It’s like we were able to bring a little piece of home with us to the hospital.”

Though the Greene’s delivery got a little complicated after the baby showed signs of distress and was delivered by an emergency C-section, both babies and mothers were in good health after the deliveries.

Lane and Autumm Greene had a boy and named him Cooper. Shannon and Dillan Kuehny had a girl who they named Shiloh.

Grandmother Richelle Greene proudly posted pictures of both families together on her Facebook page.

“Argonia newborn BFF’s for life! Shiloh and Cooper. Two Argonia alumni who had their firstborns on the same day at the same hospital,” said Richelle’s post.