Goddard: Girl Scouts create ‘blessing box’

Girl Scouts Gloria Gibler, left, and Leah Werth, unveiled a “blessing box” near the Goddard Public Library last week. It is encouraged that the public dotates nonperishable items.

By Sam Jack

GODDARD – Local Girl Scouts Leah Werth and Gloria Gibler created a “blessing box,” located on the corner of First and Main streets in Goddard, near the library.

“Basically, it is like a ‘little library,’ but you put food and toiletries in, and people can take out what they need,” Werth explained. “Then people re-stock the box. It’s an ongoing cycle of helping people with what they need.”

The project allowed both Werth and Gibler to earn their Girl Scouts Silver Award, putting them a big step closer to the Gold Award, which is the Girl Scouting equivalent of the Boy Scouts’ Eagle ranking.

The pair addressed the Goddard City Council and explained their plans in order to get permission to execute the project. The box includes a door on the front, with a glass window.

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“Since we live on the border of Goddard and Wichita, we know some people in Wichita that do need help. That’s inspired us to maybe reach the Goddard community. Even though people aren’t living on the street, they might just be under a lot of financial stress,” Werth said, noting that the box allows people to get help with total anonymity.

Canned food, cereal and toiletries donated by Walmart provided the initial stock for the box. The public is invited to donate nonperishable items, or to take advantage of the box if they need assistance. Those with questions may email Werth at werthraeb@gmail.com.