Cheney Pharmacy hosts KU interns

Adam Garcia, a KU School of Pharmacy student from the Kansas City area, worked at Cheney Pharmacy through July 18. Cheney Pharmacy hosts student interns every summer.

By Sam Jack

CHENEY – The Cheney Pharmacy is hosting student interns from the KU School of Pharmacy this summer, continuing an ongoing partnership with the school.

Interns spend about a month at the local pharmacy as part of their four-year pharmacy degree program. The most recent intern, Adam Garcia, will worked in Cheney through July 18.

Garcia is from Fort Stockton, Texas, and was admitted to the pharmacy school in Lawrence after spending a couple years working in nearby Overland Park.

“The point is really to get some hands-on experience in a pharmacy,” Garcia said. “You can learn all day in a classroom, but unless you’re in a pharmacy and see how things are working day to day, you’ll never get that experience.”

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Pharmacy students learn about both the science of pharmaceuticals and about the pharmacist’s role in the American health care system.

“A lot of what I’ve learned so far has to do with insurance,” Garcia said. “I basically make sure that it’s there for (patients), and that prescriptions are filled in a timely manner to be covered. You want your insurance covering it, for sure, if that’s a possibility.”

Pharmacist Meredith Voran, who rotates betweem pharmacies in Cheney, Kingman and Harper, said having pharmacy students is a big help, because students can help with tasks that pharmacy technicians are not allowed to handle.

“We enjoy having students; we enjoy inspiring the next generation of pharmacists and passing on our experiences and what we’ve learned,” she said.