Conway Springs: Warnings, then tickets for people on job site

Dripping faucet, low angle view

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

Conway Springs Chief of Police Landon Wiseley brought concerns to the city council on Wednesday, June 27, over residents entering closed construction sites where water piping is being installed for the local water project.

“As far as I am concerned, it’s trespassing,” said Wiseley.

According to Wiseley, residents have approached workers at the constructions sites, concerned about potential damage to their property. City clerk Crystal Hinnen said that she has received several phone calls and inquiries at City Hall, and residents have stopped chief of maintenance Spanky Brooks to scream at him.

“Some of them are upset, and then (they) find out it won’t even be coming through their property,” said Hinnen.

Wiseley informed the council that he will be watching the sites and taking tag numbers of the trespassers. He plans to have discussions with violators.

“We will issue warnings first, tickets will be issued after that,” said Wiseley.

City easements belong to the city and may be altered at its discretion. Water pipe installation is being performed in those easements and will come in phases throughout the city. Hinnen suggested hosting a town hall meeting to update the community so they will know what to expect in the coming months. Mayor Jessica Gerlach and others from the council agreed that hosting a town hall would be beneficial.

“It has to be very organized,” said Gerlach.

Hinnen reported that in a previous town hall meeting, citizens were given the chance to speak their minds and the discourse remained cordial.

Citizens of Conway Springs can expect to receive a notice of the town hall meeting in their July water bill. Dates and times will be discussed at the next city council meeting. Hinnen encourages residents to come to City Hall if they have questions before the date is set.

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