Haysville: Former HAC to become 060 Sports

Sports, entertainment center aims to open in July

By Sam Jack

Last week, the city of Haysville leased the former home of the Haysville Activity Center, 7106 S. Broadway, to a local couple that plans to turn it into a sports and entertainment venue called 060 Sports.

Lindsey and Kyle Brown started renovation work in the building this week and are hoping to open for business in early to mid-July.

060 Sports will have a variety of indoor games and activities to entice both kids and adults, including:

• Bazooka Ball. “It’s kind of a paint-less paintball,” Lindsey Brown said. “You have a normal paintball gun with a special barrel that shoots small, soft foam balls.”

Players divide into two teams and wear special vests that will detect impacts and keep score. Bazooka Ball will be played in a glow-in-the-dark room with inflatable obstacles.

• Two batting cages. Baseball pitching machines will definitely be offered, and the Browns are looking at including softball pitching as well.

• An arcade. There will be room for 15 to 25 games. The Browns are in the process of choosing machines and are open to suggestions.

• An indoor soccer field. “The soccer field is primarily for younger kids,” Lindsey Brown said. “Anyone can practice on it, but it’ll be the size of an 8-and-under field.” The plan is to offer a few soccer clinics throughout the year.

• Escape rooms. The popular puzzle pastime is coming to Haysville for the first time.

“An escape room basically is a big puzzle,” Lindsey Brown said. “You and a few friends go in, attempt to solve the clues and get out within a one-hour time limit.”

The escape rooms at 060 Sports will be called “Area 51” and “Da Vinci.” The names give a pretty good idea of the themes that will be in play. “Area 51” will be more challenging, “Da Vinci” slightly easier. Both are intended for teens and adults.

Lindsey Brown is the vice president of the Haysville Chamber of Commerce and works in Haysville frequently during her “actual” job with Farha Roofing.

“We have four children, and they live here on the south side (of Wichita). We just don’t have anything for them to do,” she said. “We would drive all over the place for different practices, so we wanted to have some place where our kids could practice. It just kind of went from there.”

The Browns will pay the city $4,000 a month, plus the cost of insurance, to lease the building for a year. They are hoping that if 060 Sports succeeds they can eventually buy the building outright.

“This is something we’ve needed for a long time to help take care of what our youth are doing out there,” Mayor Bruce Armstrong said at last week’s city council meeting. “One of the big things we always hear is, ‘We have no place we have to go; we have nothing to do.’ This is truly going to take care of that.”

For updates, visit www.facebook.com/060Sports.