Campus High School principal retires

Campus High School principal Myron Regier works at his desk. After 26 years at the school, Regier recently said farewell to his last class of graduating seniors.

By Sam Jack

Myron Regier, Campus High School’s principal since 2002, is retiring after 26 years with Haysville Public Schools.

“It’s been very rewarding,” Regier said of his career. “I’ve just enjoyed the people that I worked with here. I feel like we all worked together to build as effective a school as we possibly could for our kids.”

Regier started at Campus in 1992, teaching social studies and serving as head basketball coach. In 1998, he became assistant principal and athletic director, then took the school’s top job four years later.

In 2017, Campus’s graduation rate was 90.5 percent, putting it ahead of Derby, Goddard, Andover, Maize, and all but one of Wichita’s high schools. Regier credited the school’s faculty, and he pointed to a range of programs that engage students with different interests and needs.

“We’ve encouraged teachers to develop programs that kids are interested in, and I think when you do that, you have a better chance of keeping them in school, because what they’re learning is relevant,” he said. “The other part of that is working with our alternative school (Haysville High School). We’ve always had a good relationship and worked as partners. We just have a lot of safety nets for our students that may be struggling or having a hard time in life.”

Regier’s tenure has seen the launch of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a National Blue Ribbon Award in 2013, and the start of an in-school bank branch and coffee shop run by business students.

Technical education has also been a focus for the administration at Campus, Regier said.

“In the mid-90s, it was kind of the in thing for school districts to get away from and get rid of their tech programs – things like auto shop and the FACS department. We have always been committed to those programs, and so where other schools were getting rid of those, we kept those and maintained and grew them,” he said. “Not every student is going to go to college, but every student will have a career.”

Myron Regier and his wife, Lori Regier, have three children, all of whom graduated from Campus High School. The couple welcomed their first grandchild in December 2017 and are expecting a second this December.