Goddard to take another shot at STAR bond project

Goddard has a new partner in its STAR bond project, which originally broke ground two years ago but hasn’t seen much work since then.

Rodney Steven II, owner of Genesis Health Clubs and other businesses, is the city’s new partner, it was announced on Thursday.

The latest iteration for the project will include a 60,000-square-foot aquatic center and four baseball fields as part of the STAR bond. In addition, Steven plans a Genesis Health Club, a pre-school and soccer fields. Those projects will be financed by Steven. They will include seating, concessions and lighting.

The Goddard Destination Development continues to be lead by Rick Worner out of Kansas City. Two previous projects with subdevelopers have fallen through because of funding and other issues. Last December, it was announced that S&O Investments had signed on to the STAR bond project. Their plan included an aquatic center, hotel, an Old Chicago restaurant and an indoor water park. The proposal appeared to mirror a project they opened in late 2016 in Garden City. But two months later, the deal was off.

The Times-Sentinel is working on this story for Thursday’s print edition, including comments from Goddard city officials and people connected to Steven, as well as a history of the STAR bond project.